Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Beer Lover

Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Beer Lover

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Thanks to the surging craft beer scene, beer lovers seem to pop up everywhere these days—and for good reason. America's beer scene is as hot as it has ever been. Earlier this year, we even ranked the 10 Best Light Craft Beers. (Hey, a 6-pack of any of those would be great gifts!)

If you've got a beer lover on your list, I've compiled 6 must-have gifts for their holiday present pile.

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26 Best Gifts That'll Make Your Favorite Beer Lover So Hoppy

You can spot a beer lover from a mile away: It's that person who's always coming to the party with a 6-pack. Or the one who insists it isn't game day without a cold one in hand. Oh, and that friend who would drive miles out of the way to check out that new craft brewery. This season, celebrate them with a present they'll actually love. These gift ideas are thoughtful, unique, and cooler than anything else they've ever gotten. (We're talking shower beer holders and cap collecting shadow boxes.)

Don't forget to check out these gifts for wine lovers and coffee fans, too!

Ditch those flimsy can koozies and opt for this one by YETI that's guaranteed to keep your brew cold for hours.

If your friends love wine but don’t always finish the bottle at home or during a BYOB excursion (and have trouble storing stoppered bottles in their refrigerator because who hasn’t had that problem?), welcome to their godsent solution: latex seals for the top of the bottle. Yes, there’s a cheeky element to how each one is individually wrapped (you get the picture) but look beyond the joke to what a genius invention these are.

Buy it: Wine Armour Wine Stoppers Set of 24 ($19.95), amazon.com

26 Best Beer Gifts for the Men in Your Life Who Love Cracking Open a Cold One

Pair these ideas with what your dad, brother or husband really loves: craft beer, and lots of it.

You'll know if you have a beer snob lover in your life: They're the type to drive across the state to visit a new craft brewery, always make sure their fridge is fully stocked with a range of IPAs and lagers and even attempt to brew their own pint. When it comes time to give them a gift for their birthday, Father's Day or another celebratory occasion, it only seems natural to give them something beer-related. Showing up with a six-pack from the liquor store is great and all, but these beer gifts are a creative way to surprise and delight your dad, husband, brother or any other man in your life with something that he'll actually use once the clock strikes 5.

There are so many different routes you can take: Consider giving him something personalized to drink his beer in style, a subscription box that'll deliver craft beers to his house each and every month or a handy gadget that'll upgrade his beer drinking game (a freezable beer glass, for example). And if you really want to steal the show, pair any of these gift ideas with a pack of the best ale, lager or IPA.

What does he really want? A constant supply of the country's best craft beer, obviously. Sign him up for a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly subscription, which will send one or two dozen beers right to his door.

Here's an adventure your beer lover can get behind. This book maps out 1,000 different trips to craft breweries, pubs, festivals and hole-in-the-wall bars around the world.

While he waits for the clock to strike 5 o'clock, he can snack on this jerky, each marinated with a different kind of ale or IPA.

When he sticks his beer can in this mini puffer jacket (seriously, it looks just like the one that he wears), he'll keep his drink cold while preventing his hands from catching a chill.

The next time he complains about a lukewarm brewski, pull one (or both!) of these glasses out out of the freezer and show him what he's been missing &mdash perfectly chilled beer, that's what.

Now, he can put his team proud on display when he's watching the game. He'll get four beer glasses and coasters to pass around to his buddies that support the same team, along with some delicious game day snacks that everyone can enjoy.

No keg required: Mimic the draft beer experience by sticking one of these soapstone nucleators in the bottom of the glass before filling with any ol' beer. As the glass fills, little bubbles will appear, ultimately resulting in a foam top layer.

Turn any basic lager into a fizzy chelada, shandy or radler by adding one of these lime, lemon or grapefruit sugar cubes. Just drop, wait for it to work its magic and enjoy until the very last sip!

Enter the most efficient way for beer lovers to store their prized possession (we kid, we kid) without taking away from precious fridge space.

A twist on a classic, this game requires players to complete beer-related challenges like a rhyming competition (which is more difficult than it sounds after you've had a few cold ones).

Your beer lover has tried just about every blend, so now it's time for them to make their own. This kit comes with everything they need to brew up to eight pints of pale ales, porters or saisons.

He can use this canvas caddy to tote around bottles from one friend's house to the next. It's so much classier &mdash and adult &mdash than the cardboard box from the liquor store.

After all these years of drinkin' beer, he deserves to down a pint in a personalized glass fit for a king. The sturdy beer mug comes in a matching wooden case, so he can keep it in pristine shape from one happy hour to the next.

Even when it's too early to crack open a cold one, this trio of hot sauces &mdash mild, medium and spicy &mdash will add the flavor that he knows (and loves) to his favorite dishes, ranging from scrambled eggs to tacos.

For the rare occasion when we doesn't finish an entire bottle of beer, he can add this silicone cap and store it in the fridge until the next day.

He's already more than a casual beer drinker at this point, but once he reads this entire tasting guide, he'll be a full-on enthusiast.

After he gives it time to freeze (it takes about 45 minutes), he can place this chiller stick straight into the bottle, so he never has to deal with warm beer again.

Made with entertainers in mind, this dispenser lets your beer lover's party guests treat themselves to a pint of cold beer whenever they please.

When he clips his keys on to this keychain, he'll be ready to open a cold one anytime, anywhere. Choose between three leather colors, and customize it with his name, initials, monogram or a special message.

Guinness fan or not, this snapback protects him from the shade and cracks open his bottles, all in one.

As much as he wishes he was the type to climb mountains on his off days, he'd rather spend his weekends brewery hopping with his buds. This vintage-inspired t-shirt describes him to a T.

Chances are, he loves the smell of beer (almost) as much as the taste. This soap is made with real beer to give it a spicy, herbal aroma, but still moisturizes his skin with good-for-you ingredients.

This map, which has enough spots to hold 69 beer caps, gives him an excuse to try every brewery in the state. So, road trip?

With this gift, he'll wear his heart (beer, obviously) on his socks. Pair it with a six-pack to get bonus points from your beer-loving pal.

Because there's nothing better than an IPA in the shower. And if he doesn't know how incredible it is, this suctioned holder, which sticks to any glossy surface, will be all the proof he needs.

When he burns this stout candle (in a repurposed beer can, no less), the house will fill with a very familiar aroma: cinnamon, vanilla and of course, beer.

Beer gift guide: 12 ideas for beer lovers

Looking for gifts for the beer lover on your list? We’ve got some ideas.

Beer lovers can be really simple to shop for — just give them beer. But if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more thoughtful than a six-pack of local suds (a perfectly fine gift), here are some ideas.

We’ve offered suggestions for some of the best beer books around, but new beer books are coming out almost as often as breweries are opening. Several new volumes were released in 2015 that deserve a space in any beer-lover’s library.

“The Comic Book Story of Beer” — This history of beer in graphic novel form tells the story of beer’s 7,000-year journey from the birth of civilization to the craft beer revolution. The illustrated volume teaches the science and cultural impact of ales and lagers alongside the history, and it’s a light and enjoyable way to raise your beer IQ. (Ten Speed Press, $18.99)

“Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from Pairing Pros” — Penned by Julia Herz (craft beer program director at the Brewers Assn. and publisher of CraftBeer.com) and Gwen Conley (director of brewery production and quality at Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey), Beer Pairing is a pragmatic look at what makes beer and food work together. The reader will first learn about classic pairings and why they’ve stood the test of time before the authors break down the simple hows and whys of designing your own creative matches. (Voyager Press Books, $25.00)

Mastering Homebrew” — Randy Mosher is a classic beer book that’s required reading for anyone serious about what’s in their glass, and “Mastering Homebrew” is Mosher’s loving guide to making beer at home. From the absolute basics to the art and science of advanced recipe development, the book is brimming with charts and graphs that demystify the more mathematical elements of cooking up your own ales. (Chronicle Books, $29.95)

The Beer Bible” — Veteran beer writer Jeff Alworth’s long-anticipated “The Beer Bible” was published this year, and the tome lived up to expectations. With more than 600 pages covering beer history and explanations of more than 100 different beer styles, the book is exhaustive but still remains digestible. Even beer know-it-alls will learn a thing or two about their favorite beverage after they crack this one open.

Glasses, Gadgets & Growlers

Buying glassware for the beer lovers on your list is tricky. If your intended recipient is a seasoned beer nerd, chances are their cupboards and sideboards are already overflowing with specialty glasses, but if they’re just getting into beer, an assorted beer glass package can be a welcome addition to their arsenal. There are a variety of sets available, but the 6-piece package from Libbey is both versatile and inexpensive (about $20).

Besides glasses, beer geeks tend to quickly amass a collection of growlers (jugs used to buy beer direct from local breweries) from their favorite breweries. In the past, craft breweries could only sell their beer in growlers with their own brand, but now California law allows brewery tap rooms more leeway to fill generic growlers. Look for a model with a 2-liter (or 64-ounce) capacity that uses a bail-top closure instead of a screw-on cap. The vacuum insulated model from Klean Kanteen is pretty much the gold-standard for beer geeks ($70).

The Fizzics is a crazy contraption that claims to help users make “draft quality” beer at home. The counter-top unit runs off a few AA batteries and turns beer bottles, cans and growlers into on-tap suds. A pull on the lever pumps the brew into your glass, and then allows you to froth-up the final ounce or two of the pour into creamy cap of foam. These “microbubbles” are the Fizzics claim to fame, and while the benefit of this device is up to the individual drinker, it does actually work. It’s especially useful for drinkers who often fill growlers. It takes some practice to get the hang of the special pour, and the device requires regular thorough cleaning for best results ($170).

Memberships & Experiential Gifts

The Los Angeles Brewers Guild recently launched an “Enthusiast” program for local beer-lovers to directly support L.A.’s growing craft beer scene. The $45 annual membership comes with a special edition beer glass, access to special events, a monthly newsletter and a discount card for participating local breweries and bars. Gift memberships are available.

Beer geeks love to spend an afternoon visiting a few different breweries and tasting rooms, but the logistics of transportation can get tricky. Let someone else do the driving with the LA Beer Hop or LA Craft Beer Tours. Both local companies offer public and private tours to many of the region’s best beer destinations that include tasting flights, brewery tours, and beer education. $49-$65.

Sure, you could type your tasting notes into your cellphone or use one of the beer review apps, but 33 Bottles of Beer pocket-sized tasting notebooks are well designed and a joy to use. The notebooks are available at many local retailers and online for around $5.

The Craft Beer Playing Cards Bicycle-brand deck of playing cards features 53 American craft breweries on the face with an attractive beer-themed design on the reverse. About $5.

There is nothing exciting about a bottle opener, but they are a tool that every beer lover uses every day. If you go this route, stick to the extremely functional choice of the pros: the speed opener ($5 for 2), or elevate the beer-opening experience with a classic waiter’s corkscrew like this $12 rosewood model.

13 Super-Unique Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

via: Pexels / Welcome Partners

If the beer lover on your list is a little harder to please, browse through this list of unique gifts made just for craft beer enthusiasts.

Here are 14 super-unique gifts for craft beer lovers:

31. Brewer's Passport - Craft Beer & Travel Pocket Journal

This sleek passport-looking journal helps with explorers keep track of the world's great beers.

32. Craft Beer Soap Dispensers

This soap dispenser puts empty bottles to good use.

via: Amazon / Late for the Sky

33. Brew-Opoly Monopoly Game by Late For The Sky

This beer themed Monopoly-style game is perfect for the next gathering of friends and brews.

via: Amazon / Potlicker Kitchen

34. Beer Jelly

Four jars of delicious beer and fruit jelly.

35. BROO Craft Beer Color Crazed Shampoo and Conditioner plus Detangler Set

This IPA based shampoo and conditioner keeps hair looking and smelling great.

via: Amazon / HOPTIMIST Brand - Craft Beer Shirts

36. HOPTIMIST T-Shirt for Craft Beer Lovers

Showoff a passion for craft beer and wordplay with this funny shirt.

via: Amazon / Beer Lover Shirts

37. Drinking Problem? Craft Beer Hobby! T-Shirt - Beer Lovers

For those who view drinking as a hobby and passion, this shirt is a must-have.

via: Amazon / Rocky's Refrigerator Magnets

38. Warning Beer Fridge Magnet

Decorate the fridge and warn any scavengers with this craft beer only magnet.

39. Reminisce Craft Beer Scrapbook Collection Kit

Scrapbookers will love this collection of craft beer papers and stickers.

via: Amazon / Gun Craft Beer

40. Gun Craft Beer By 2nd Amendment Brewery Custom Beer Tap Handle For Kegerator

This rifle themed tap handle is the perfect addition to the man cave.

via: Amazon / Jerkys Gourmet of San Diego

41. IPA Beer Cured Jerky

This jerky is made from 100% US beef and is cured with hops, giving it that familiar IPA flavor.

42. Craft Beer Dog Bandana with Space for Tags, Handmade Dog Scarf w ID Tag Slot

Perfect for that friend who frequents dog bars and dogfriendly breweries, this dog bandana will keep Fido fashionable.

43. Craft Beer Personalized Ornament

Customize this craft beer ornament and let it become part of someone's Christmas tradition.

60 Best Gifts to Get All the Men in Your Life

Your friend, dad, brother, or husband (or any guy, really) will love these unique yet thoughtful ideas.

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life isn't easy. Before settling for yet another boring gift (read: ties), take some time to really think about what the guy you're shopping for would love to unwrap. (See? Ties are still a "no."). This list of gifts for men, which is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget, takes care of any guy on your shopping list &mdash grandpa, dad, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend, and so on.

While you can't go wrong with classic options (a trusty pair of socks), these unique gift ideas range from personalized picks (Morse code bracelets) to Amazon's best-selling finds (freezable beer glasses). And if for some reason one of these ideas isn't cool enough for the leading man in your life, consider one of these DIY options . unless you waited until the last minute, of course. If that's the case, browse even more ideas for your golfer, foodie, or beer lover until you find something that they'll love.

This portable campfire gives him more than three hours of burn time at the campsite without any prep work or cleanup. That means he can focus on what's really important . like how many marshmallows he should roast.

His snoring may be what's keeping you up at night, but it's also an indicator that he may not be getting a full night's rest. Ensure that he can start catching Zzz's even earlier with this touch-sensitive device that teaches him how to fall asleep naturally in half the amount of time.

Cooking with Gordon Ramsay may sound too good to be true, but that's why MasterClass exists. Give him a class or annual subscription and bring the world's foremost experts in music, movies, art, cooking, and more right to him with video lessons and easy-to-follow workbooks.

This nightstand-friendly charging stand will keep his three most-used gadgets &mdash smartphone, AirPods, and smartwatch &mdash in the green. Since this sleek stand doesn't come with chargers and cords, you might as well use this moment to refresh his stash.

The 25 Best Beer Gifts to Impress Any Brew Snob

These ideas are better (but just barely) than a six pack.

There is no bond stronger than a human adult and their favorite beer, be it the most micro of microbrews or straight-forward, no-fuss Budweiser. Nor are there many sensations better than taking that first sip of fizzy cold beer after a killer kind of day. To celebrate that kind of beer fandom, here are 25 gift ideas for the casual beer lover or full-blown beer snob in your life. Get them in time for the next night in with a movie and a six pack, or for the upcoming holidays. All will go quite well with a Christmas Ale, a wintry stout, or a punchy IPA.

Let's see how well their homebrewed IPA stands up to the likes of Dogfish Head and Harpoon.

A tee with a hint of cowboy spirit and a heap of graphic style will become their go-to, Coors drinker or otherwise.

If they're drinking their favorite brews out of promotional plastic cups from the '98 World Series, consider this worthy upgrade: Two glasses made from recycled materials that'll make any beer look like liquid gold.

May their holidays be merry and bright and lightly buzzed.

This is a vibe. A vibe that's missing from our lives these days. No bumming cigarettes outside the bar before heading back to sit shoulder-to-shoulder over pints. This soap, inspired by but not as astringent as that smell, will do its part to fill the void.

This isn't any old pint glass (although, any old pint glass is still better than no pint glass). It's merch for an initiative from L.A.-based, Black-owned brewer Crowns and Hops that aims to make craft brewing a more inclusive space. We'll drink to that.

All food should taste like beer. Facts are facts. This set of spice rubs infused with different beers (like Mesquite Peppercorn Lager Rub, for instance) will make it so.

9. Beer-Infused Food

Combine the recipient’s love of beer with food. Beer-infused hot sauce and beer-infused spice rubs kick up meals with an ale-inspired seasoning option. Coffee with hops, malted barley, and other ingredients traditionally used in beer adds a unique twist to your morning cup of joe.

If the recipient loves to cook, give them a variation on this gift idea with a beer-themed cookbook. A quick search reveals a variety of beer cookbook options to fit the recipient’s style of cooking.

Gift ideas for NC craft beer lovers

Raleigh, N.C. &mdash So, another holiday gift buying season rolls around and you’re still hanging out with that same craft beer lover from last year. You want to get them something that relates to their interest and even enthusiasm about craft beer, but what? Never fear, the NCBeerGuys are here with our annual gift buying guide for the local craft beer lover in your life!

Previous lists have included beer itself, appropriate beer glassware, beer tours, beer carriers, homebrew equipment and books about craft beer. We’ve suggested Cheerwine as a mixer and maybe even started a new Cheershandy tradition -- the purchase of a NC Craft Brewers Guild membership and cooperative ownership in a brewery.

These ghosts-of-Christmas-past lists are still useful, so check them out at the links below.

Gift ideas for craft beer lovers

Anyway, on to the basket of possibilities for 2016 -- there's not a deplorable one in the bunch!

Beer map - The folks at Beer Cap Maps give the local craft beer fan a way to showcase state pride and celebrate favorite local craft beers with maps shaped like states and designed for displaying caps from beer bottles. They have all 50 states available and offer wood and metal versions. Beer Cap Maps display a beer cap collection on your wall.

Glassware - The NCBeerGuys always encourage drinkers to enjoy their craft beer from the proper glassware. You might consider gifting a nice pint glass to your craft beer buds who don’t already have cupboards overrun with pint glasses.

They can celebrate NC pride by drinking from Our State magazine’s exclusive 16-ounce pint glass, designed in NC, and which carries the DRINK LOCAL in North Carolina message. They also have “Drink Local” t-shirts and a bottle opener wall hanging that might be of interest.

T-shirts - The Green Monkey at Royal Mart on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh always offers interesting merchandise from local artisans, and this year we especially like their Drink Local bottle cap etched pint glass and North Carolina Drink Local shirt, both by Oak City Collective. The new shirt features a completely new roster of local breweries. And what a great set-up they have at Green Monkey -- it's a gift gallery with a “kinda/sorta craft beer bar!"

Beer box - Stepping up your gift giving game this year from pint glasses and t-shirts -- how about a wonderful North Carolina Beer Box shipped directly to the recipient from Durham’s own NC Made? NC Made was founded on the belief that local artisanal foods should be available in beautiful packages that you'd be proud to send as gifts.

These boxes contain pantry staples made with NC brew – although not the beer itself. They've collected our favorite beer-inflected condiments for our North Carolina Beer Gift Box which includes Bull City Burger & Brewery's Beer & Bacon BBQ Sauce, Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon's Spiced Apple Beer Jam, Crooked Condiments' Gaelic Ale Mustard and Hops & Nuts' Choco-Porter Nuts. Each box is beautifully hand-packed and includes an information sheet describing the handcrafted products and an optional handwritten greeting card.

Snacks - If your pulse quickened when you read about beer snacks, you’ve got to try the goodies from the ladies over at Hops & Nuts in Greensboro. Craft beer snacks and local sourcing are their passion, and they use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create craft beer snacks that “will fill your belly and warm your heart."

You can ask for them at your favorite brewery or growler shop or order your own and send them as gifts! These ladies have a great story too, and the one about how creating the unique beer flavored peanuts was born is worthy of your time!

Gear for dogs - We haven’t forgotten about the furry friends that might be on your gift list this year! Barley Labs is a Durham-based company that produces natural dog treats made from recycled grain from brewing beer. Their dog treats “contain limited, all-natural ingredients and are oven baked for that perfect crunch.”

Once founders learned that barley not only can be used to create delicious beer but also could be recycled into yummy snacks for our dogs, it was only natural to create this business. Let’s support them and our furry friends! Check out their Dog & Beer Lover Gift Box.

Quirky socks - We always like to support our friends over at the NC Craft Brewers Guild, so, if you have that sock gift-giving tradition going, how about beer pint socks? Hey, they’re warm and fun, and part of the purchase price goes to support the good works of the statewide brewer’s guild! “Sometimes even your feet deserve a pint!”?

Gift certificate - No beer itself on the list? Well, it goes without saying that the best gift for the craft beer lover in your life might be a gift certificate from their favorite local brewery or bottle shop. It's not the most unique or imaginative gift ever given, but it's one sure to be appreciated and not stuck in a drawer to never be used!

Spread some beer cheer this holiday season, and remember to save some great craft beer for yourself and to "Drink Local and Keep Your Beer Dollars in North Carolina."

Review our lists from 2014 and 2013 for even more ideas.

Wishing you the very best of holidays from the NCBeerGuys!

Dave Tollefsen and Glenn Cutler are regular guys living in central North Carolina with their families who share a love for craft beer and homebrewing. They work together as the NCBeerGuys. On their website, they offer information about North Carolina Craft Beer with a variety of maps, videos, events, recipes and much more.