Canning squash caviar with garlic

Canning squash caviar with garlic

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  1. Garlic young 2 heads
  2. Mayonnaise 250 g
  3. Tomato Paste 250 g
  4. Sugar 100 g
  5. Salt 1 tbsp. l
  6. Vinegar 2 tbsp. l
  7. Vegetable oil 0.5 cups
  8. Zucchini young 3 kg
  • Main IngredientsSquash, Garlic
  • Serving 8 servings


cutting board, knife, pan, cans, iron lids, seaming machine


Wash the zucchini, twist through a meat grinder and cook for 3 hours on low heat. After this time, add the remaining ingredients (salt, sugar, mayonnaise, tomato paste, vinegar, vegetable oil, chopped garlic) and cook for another 30 minutes. Put ready caviar in prepared jars and roll up. Exit - 4 jars of 0.5 l.
Winter will be delicious! Enjoy your meal!


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