Chicken fillet with plums and cheese

Chicken fillet with plums and cheese

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  1. Chicken fillet 2 pieces (large)
  2. Plums 6 pieces + for decoration
  3. Smoked cheese 4 slices
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Pepper to taste
  6. Spices for chicken to taste
  7. Breadcrumbs optional
  8. Egg 1 piece
  9. Flour optional
  10. Vegetable oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients Plum
  • Serving 4 servings


knife, hammer, frying pan, plates


Step 1: we stuff chicken fillet.

Cut the chicken fillets into four pieces lengthwise, carefully beat off the resulting pieces with a hammer, season with chicken spices and leave on 30 minutes.
At this time, wash the plums and remove the seeds, cutting the fruit in half.
Lay out two slices slightly overlapping each other and put in the center of the drain half.

Put a slice of cheese on the fruit and roll the fillet in a roll.
Roll so three more rolls.

Step 2: breaded chicken.

Pour flour and breadcrumbs into plates separately from each other. In a third plate, beat eggs with salt and pepper.

Roll the rolls in flour, then in eggs, and then in breadcrumbs.

Step 3: fry the chicken with plums and cheese.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the rolls in it until golden brown on all sides. Fry for a few minutes, the chicken is cooked pretty quickly.

Step 4: Serve the chicken with plums and cheese.

Serve the chicken with plums and cheese hot. As a side dish, airy mashed potatoes will be ideal.
Enjoy your meal!