Soft and lush pizza dough

Soft and lush pizza dough

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For the test:

  1. Warm water 200 ml
  2. Dry yeast 1 tsp
  3. Sugar 2 tsp
  4. Salt 1 tsp (no slide)
  5. Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
  6. Flour about 400 gr

For the sauce:

  1. Tomatoes 250 gr
  2. Basil 1 handful fresh or 1 teaspoon dry
  3. 2 cloves of garlic
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Sugar to taste
  • Main Ingredients Yeast Dough


oven, rolling pin, bowl


Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water, add 3-4 tbsp. flour, mix everything, leave for 15 minutes.

Add salt, vegetable oil and flour to the resulting dough, gradually kneading a soft elastic dough. Knead for 5 minutes, form a bun and leave the dough to rest for 40 - 1 hours, the dough should come up and increase in volume.

For a “lazy" sauce, chop the tomatoes very finely, evaporate the excess liquid from the pan, add finely chopped garlic and basil, salt and sugar to taste. If you are not lazy, then you can remove the peel from the tomato, having previously blanched them (lower it for 5 minutes in boiling water, then in ice water, the peel will be well removed).

Roll out the dough into a circle 0.5 cm thick neatly to preserve the formed air bubbles as much as possible.

Lubricate the pizza sauce with the sauce. Put the filling on top (take the fillings as much as the dough).

We heat the oven to 250 degrees, bake for 10-12 minutes, no more, no need to dry the dough and filling.

The crusts of the finished hot pizza can be greased with olive oil, or you can skip this step and cover with a towel for literally 2 minutes to soften them.

The dough is very lush and soft, it has been checked repeatedly on personal experience. Please see the entire recipe with details in the video.