Homemade Mackerel

Homemade Mackerel

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Ingredients for Making Homemade Mackerel

  1. Mackerel 5 pcs.
  2. Water 2 l.
  3. Sugar 4 tbsp. l
  4. Salt 8 tbsp
  5. Onion husk 3 mountains.
  6. Tea (black) 3 tsp
  7. Allspice peas 1 tsp
  • Main ingredients Mackerel
  • Serving 12 Servings
  • World Cuisine

I often use this recipe, it is quite popular and very simple, but the result is always excellent!

Mackerel, thanks to the onion peel, turns out to be a beautiful golden color. It has a slightly smoked taste thanks to black tea.

I am opposed to the use of liquid smoke, various dyes, and I like this recipe precisely because all the ingredients are natural.

Cooking homemade salted mackerel: