Creme brulee. Restaurant level dessert at your place

Creme brulee. Restaurant level dessert at your place


  1. Yolks 11 pcs
  2. Icing sugar 90 g
  3. Cream 33% 600 g
  4. Salt 3 g
  5. Vanilla Sugar Powder 5 g
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cream, Sugar
  • Serving 7 servings


1. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Add the yolks to the yolks, sifted icing sugar and vanilla icing sugar. Mix well with a hand whisk. Beat no need.

2. Add the cream at room temperature to the yolk mass. Mix. Pour the whole mass through a sieve into a decanter with a spout.

3. Pour the mass into jars and cook at a temperature of 80 degrees in a slow cooker, su-view or oven (the jars must be in water, the temperature of which is 80 degrees). Cook for 1 hour.

4. The finished creme brulee is cooled to room temperature, rearranged in the refrigerator. Before serving, sprinkle well-chilled dessert with plenty of icing sugar and set the powder on fire with a burner. It will turn out a very beautiful and delicious caramel crust.