Eggplant in Tomato Sauce

Eggplant in Tomato Sauce

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Ingredients for cooking eggplant in tomato sauce

  1. Eggplant 3 pieces medium size
  2. Homemade sauce (or chopped canned tomatoes) 500 milliliters
  3. Mozzarella Cheese 400 grams
  4. Grana Padano Cheese 150 grams
  5. Fresh basil to taste
  6. Onion 1 piece
  7. Olive oil optional
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Eggplant, Onion, Cheese
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Frying pan, baking tray, kitchen knife, cutting board, spatula, tablespoon, grater, towel.


Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Rinse the eggplants, peel and dice the onions. Prepare jars of homemade sauce, if you do not indulge in such preparations, then grind the canned tomatoes in your own juice using a blender.

Step 2: prepare the sauce.

Heat olive oil in a pan and fry finely chopped onion in it until golden brown. Pour the tomato sauce into the onion.

Mix everything and salt to taste.

Add pepper and basil leaves. You can also add a little granular garlic and chili flakes.

Cook over low heat, stirring to evaporate part of the liquid, making the sauce thick. It takes about 30 minutes. Then, if you had large pieces of tomato and bell pepper in your homemade sauce, grind the sauce with a blender so that it becomes a homogeneous consistency. Return it to a fire and evaporate the liquid again 10 minutes. Also, the sauce should be whipped with a blender if you used whole basil leaves.

Step 3: chop the eggplant.

While the sauce is cooking, prepare the eggplant. To do this, cut them lengthwise into slices, about a thickness 0.5 centimeters.

Lay the eggplant slices on a wire rack, salting each layer. And leave the vegetables to drain on 30 minutes. Be sure to substitute something under the grill with vegetables, as eggplants will start to secrete bitter juice due to salt.

Step 4: chop the cheese.

Cut the mozzarella into small cubes. Grana Padan just rub.

Pour the mozzarella into a strainer and leave to drain. It is important that the dish does not turn out too “wet” in the end. In the end, be sure to squeeze the mozzarella with your hands.

Step 5: drain the eggplant.

Rinse the eggplant slices with cold water and then dry them thoroughly with a clean towel.

Step 6: bake eggplant.

Lay a baking sheet with baking parchment, place the eggplants on it and pour them with a generous amount of olive oil. Salt and pepper.

Bake eggplant in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, during 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Step 7: bake eggplant in tomato sauce.

Pour a little tomato sauce into the bottom of the pan and smear it.

Place the eggplant slices on the sauce so that there are almost no holes between them.

Sprinkle with mozzarella and Grana Padano. And then repeat the sequence of layers in the same order. At the very end, only the top layer should be tomato sauce, densely sprinkled with cheese.

Send eggplant in cheese sauce to preheated 180 degrees oven on 20 minutes, about.
After baking, remove everything from the oven and let the dish stand for about 10 minutesand then you can start tasting!

Step 8: serve the eggplant in tomato sauce.

Serve this original casserole and enjoy baked eggplant. Such a fragrant Italian dinner, isn’t it?
Enjoy your meal!