Say It with a Song: A Great Mother’s Day Playlist

Say It with a Song: A Great Mother’s Day Playlist

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We’ve got throwbacks, we’ve got classics, and we’ve got some of today’s hits to show mom you care

When creating this playlist, I solely thought of the strongest, sweetest, most caring person I have ever encountered — my mother.

She’s the one person that has always been there through the thickest and thinnest of scenarios. She’s the one person that has always cared for me and my well-being, regardless of the situation, and she’s the one person that would do everything and anything for me and my happiness. I’m pretty sure that’s how we all feel about our mothers — so let’s tell them, shall we?

Though actions speak super loudly, words do just as well — especially when strung together by a gorgeous medley. Here’s a great list of songs that mom is sure to love, with some oldies, some newbies, and some that are totally all about her.

Check out our playlist here or take a listen on Spotify.

• Maroon 5 — "Sunday Morning"
• Michael Jackson — "Human Nature"
• Michael Jackson — "PYT"
• Neil Diamond — "Cherry, Cherry"
• Stevie Wonder — "Isn’t She lovely"
• Stevie Wonder — "I Just Called to Say I Love You"
• Ben E King — "Stand By Me"
• Bee Gees — "More Than a Woman"
• The Beatles — "All You Need Is Love"
• Jackson 5 — "I’ll Be There"
• Martha & The Vandellas — "Nowhere to Run"
• Natasha Bedingfield — "These Words"
• Shaggy — "Strength of a Woman "
• Savage Garden — "Crash and Burn"
• Jordin Sparks — "One Step at a Time"
• Train — "Drops of Jupiter"

21 Song Lyrics Perfect For Your Mother's Day Instagram Captions

Including everything from the Backstreet Boys to Kacey Musgraves.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time for you to stop ignoring your mom's calls and start showering her with the love and attention she probably deserves. This means buying or making her a really special gift that is more than just something you grabbed at the last minute, and maybe even making her a meal — or taking her out to eat if that seems safer with your cooking skills. It also means it's time for your social media feeds to be taken over with photos and captions about everyone's moms. If you're one of the many who will be posting a picture with your mom on Mother's Day, consider using one of the below song lyrics as your Mother’s Day Instagram caption.

There are lots of songs written about being a mom and motherhood, and there are also plenty written in honor of mothers. After all, what better way to show your mom how much you care by writing and/or singing a hit song about her? It's too sweet!

Instead of using a generic caption that says something like, "I love you mom" or "my mom is better than yours" (which are still sweet, of course), try making your caption a little bit more unique. Song lyrics about mothers are a great way to capture your feelings and emotions that you can't seem to put into words. It's also fun to see if any of your friends and followers will catch on to what song you're calling out. Plus, if your mom manages to see the post, she's going to feel so touched.

Read on for the best song lyrics about moms that work as the ultimate caption inspo for Mother’s Day. (Or, ya know, you could also just send these lyrics to mom via a card — up to you.)

Mother and Mom Songs for Mother's Day

Here's a list of songs from my collection with "Mom" or "Mother" or "Mama" in the title.

But be warned, not all of these mom and mother songs are appropriate for Mother's Day.

  • Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) - Jay-Z
  • Child Without Mother - Motherlode
  • Dirty Mother For You - Memphis Minnie
  • Do You Love Me/Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) - The Blues Brothers
  • Does Your Mother Know - ABBA
  • Dominion / Mother Russia - The Sisters of Mercy
  • Ernie's Mom - Bob & Doug McKenzie
  • Freak Momma - Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot
  • Good Mother - Jann Arden
  • Goodbye to Mother and the Cove - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Jackson 5
  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - John Cougar Mellencamp
  • I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart - The White Stripes
  • Kyle´s Mom´s A B**ch - Eric Cartman And March Shaiman
  • Momma's Gotta Die Tonight - Body Count
  • Moms - A Tribe Called Quest
  • Mother - Adrian Belew
  • Mother - Pink Floyd
  • Mother - Danzig
  • Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon
  • Mother Earth - Memphis Slim
  • Mother May I - Coheed and Cambria
  • Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham
  • Mother Nature - Koko Taylor
  • Mother Nature's Rump - dj BC and The Beastles
  • Mother Nature's Son - The Beatles
  • Mother Nature's Son - Sheryl Crow
  • Mother Popcorn - James Brown
  • Mother Popcorn, Pt. 1 - James Brown
  • Mother Theresa Song - Humble Howard, Fred Patterson
  • Motherless Child - Eric Clapton
  • Mother's Day - blink-182
  • Mother's Letter - Julie Waleters/Jamie Bell
  • Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones
  • Mothers of the Disappeared - U2
  • Mothers Talk - Tears For Fears
  • My Mom - Eminem
  • My Mommy Intro - Montell Jordan
  • No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature - The Guess Who
  • Nobody Loves Me But My Mother - B.B. King
  • Oh Mom. - Adam Sandler
  • Old Mother Reagan - Violent Femmes
  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child - Louis Armstrong
  • Tears Of A Teenage Mother - Jasmine Guy
  • Tell Me, Momma - Live 5-14-66 The Odeon Liverpool - Bob Dylan
  • That Was Your Mother - Paul Simon
  • The Mothers - I Mother Earth
  • Tie Your Mother Down - Ted Nugent
  • Tie Your Mother Down - Queen
  • Treat Me Like Your Mother - The Dead Weather
  • Volvo Driving Soccer Mom - Everclear
  • Welfare Mothers - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
  • Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles
  • Mama Told Me - Wale
  • Mama I Love You (Legal Riddim) - Sean Paul
  • Mama Do - Pixie Lott
  • Mama Oo Pow Pow - The Cramps
  • Look Mama - Howard Jones
  • A Song For Mama - Boyz II Men
  • Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Randy Newman
  • Ya Mama - Pharcyde
  • Fine Little Mama - Elmore James
  • Big Time Mama - Champion Jack Dupree
  • Peach Orchard Mama - Big Joe Williams
  • Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut - The Ugly Ducklings
  • Mama Told Me Not To Come - Wilson Pickett
  • Mama, Won't You Keep Them Castles in the Air and Burning? - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas
  • Dear Mama - 2Pac
  • Mama'a Just A Little Girl - 2Pac
  • Do It For Mama - Adam Sandler
  • Mama Kin - Aerosmith
  • Mama's Always On Stage - Arrested Development
  • Mama Don't Smoke - Bran Van 3000
  • Mama - Genesis
  • Papa Loved Mama - Garth Brooks
  • Mama Kin - Guns N' Roses
  • Mama, Look At Bubu - Harry Belafonte
  • Home To Mama - Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra
  • Hey Mama - Kanye West
  • Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
  • Mama Said - Metallica
  • Mamacita - OutKast
  • Mama, I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne
  • Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me - Pearl Jam
  • Your Mama Don't Dance - Poison
  • Mama's Boy - The Ramones
  • Hey Lawdy Mama - Steppenwolf
  • Rag Mama Rag - The Band
  • Mama's Boy - The Bloodhound Gang
  • Mama's Pearl - The Jackson 5
  • Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) - The Jackson 5
  • Mama Told Me (Not to Come) - Three Dog Night
  • My Mama - Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
  • Mama, You Got a Daughter - John Lee Hooker
  • Does Your Mama Know About Me - Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
  • Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
  • Mama Told Me Not To Come - Three Dog Night
  • Mama - Genesis
  • Mama Said Knock You Out - L.L. Cool J
  • Mama Look . A Boo Boo - Howard Stern
  • Mama You've Got A Daughter - John Lee Hooker
  • My Black Mama Pt. II - Son House
  • Tell Mama - Etta James
  • La Mamma Morta - Maria Callas
  • Mamma Mia - ABBA

Update: I've added "Mama" songs. You can't have a Mother's Day playlist without the mama tunes. Thanks Elvis, for the reminder. Elvis always did love his mama.

Update 2: I've added "Mamma" songs. You can't have a mom / mother / mama playlist without that damn ABBA song.

30 Songs About Being A Mom You Need On Your Playlist Right Now

Although Mother’s Day 2019 has already come and gone, every day of the year is the perfect chance to take a few minutes and reflect on the joy of having or being a mom. And to aid in that, these 30 incredible and heartwarming songs about being a mom should be added to your playlist right now (and, TBH, you may also want to grab a box of tissues). Some of these are ballads, some are pop, but all are sweet explorations into how being a mom, or having a mom, changes your life forever.

Singers ranging from Meghan Trainor, to the Dixie Chicks, to Elvis Presley have taken time in their successful and booming careers to put the spotlight on the woman who gave them life. While many of the singers on this list below chose to celebrate their own mother, a few artists have put to music what it feels like to become a parent.

So without further ado, have a look at these musical choices, make a playlist on your favorite streaming service to listen to during your commute or downtime at home (and, hey, send to it your mom while you're at it!), and just let it play it on repeat.

The 20 Best Mother's Day Songs

Lots of songs have been written by moms, for moms, and about moms. If you're celebrating Mother's Day, here's a playlist: 20 songs that reflect all those complicated, warm, appreciative feelings.

Soul girl group The Shirelles made this grateful doo-wop bop, all about realizing mama knows best when it comes to heartbreak and love.

Cam'ron was certainly not singing about his mom&mdash"You smoke? / I smoke / I drink / Me too"&mdashbut it's never a bad idea to spin this groovy early aughts beat.

"I'm sorry momma / I never meant to hurt you." Never thought I'd relate to Eminem, but there's a first time for everything. Here's a rather earnest apology to Mama-nem, set to an infectiously smooth rat-a-tat rhythm.

Only these guys could spin such a tender-hearted ballad for their moms. If you really want to go all out, learn the piano part and give her a good old serenade.

"I finally understand / For a woman it ain't easy trying to raise a man." 2pac's mom sounds like the absolute best, tbh.

What's great about this song is how it portrays Mama just doing exactly what she pleases: Playing her squeeze box all the damn time.

Iron and Wine's Sam Beam evokes so many pretty images in this folky guitar ballad, but its sweetness has a bitter edge, acknowledging the way children can hurt their parents in a way nobody else can.

Drake only loves his bed and his momma. Same!

Even though country star Brandi Carlile captured her own stirring experience of being "the mother of Evangeline" here, the song's modesty, awe, and wisdom turned it into a more widely beloved and relatable tribute.

A bombastic reminder about where you likely got your best attributes. (Yr mama.)

The King of the Blues knows what it's all about. Honestly, sometimes it really does feel that way.

Just five gals sitting around on stools and singing about their moms. Thank you, 1996.

On second thoughts, maybe you shouldn't play your mother a song that includes the line "She was born a long, long time ago." Anyway, what's certain is your mother does know. Everything.

Not to be too tit for tat, but it's not not true: When you're good to mama, mama's good to you.

You can tell your mom this song by Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves was inspired by a text message from her own mother. But maybe she won't want to know that Musgraves was also inspired by an acid trip.

From the moment Bey revealed she was pregnant at the 2011 VMAs, Blue Ivy Carter has been a fixture in her mom's creative life as well as her family. One of the most moving moments on Beyoncé's self-titled album is this ballad about her first child. It even features a cameo from Blue herself.

Coming out to your family can be hard, and this high-energy number recommends one way to do it: Take your mama to the club. Go on!

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are one of TV's great mom&ndashdaughter pairs, and they got the perfect theme in Carole King's 1971 classic "Where You Lead." In this version, King even replaces "New York City" with the Gilmores' home town of Stars Hollow.

"The definition of mommy is not 'a chick with kids' / Mommy means the boss, the money maker, the man taker, the provider. So if you a fly mommy, please stand upppppppp!" Can't argue with Missy.

Not everyone has an easy relationship with their mother, and others have mothers to mourn. In "Carrie and Lowell," Sufjan Stevens grapples with the mother who left his family when he was just one, then returned sporadically, and passed away in 2012.

30 Mother-Daughter Songs That Celebrate Your Close Bond

Moms and their daughters have a special connection. No matter how often they may seem at odds, we all know that mothers want only the best for their daughters, and daughters admire their moms more than anyone else in the world. No matter what happens, moms and daughters have each other's backs.

Putting all those emotions into words can be hard, though. It's better to have someone else do it for you &mdash and set it to music, to boot. Next time you're trying to come up with the list of perfect Mother's Day playlist, consider these mother-daughter songs. They're appropriately dripping with love, and encapsulate the spectrum of other emotions in the mother-daughter bond. You can sing them with your mom as an impromptu karaoke performance, throw them on as a playlist during Mother's Day brunch, or use them as a Mother's Day Instagram caption once you take the perfect selfie together. They span musical styles, genres and tastes &mdash though your mother will really just be happy to know that you're thinking about her. (And did we miss any of your favorite mother-daughter songs? Let us know in the comments.)

This song is filled with examples of how a mom shows her love &mdashlike, "if you're feeling down or weak Momma's gonna give you all the strength you need" &mdash and the video is full of mommy/baby cuteness, too.

This former One Directioner wrote this song about his late mother. If you're missing your own mom, you might relate to the words, "I'll be living one life for the two of us."

This song puts into words all the gratitude mothers earn. "I appreciate your love and all your sacrifice," Ashanti sings. "Without you by my side, I never could survive."

This is the perfect song for a mother and daughter separated by distance. &ldquoI started thinking about the cycle of mothers and the fact that I was sitting there in Tennessee missing my mom who was sitting there in Texas missing her mom,&rdquo Kacey told Taste of Country about this song.

This song may not have been written about parents specifically, but the feelings of coming home seem right for moms, as do lyrics like, "Everything that you've told me I thank you every day for. All the things you wanted me to beIs every thing I've prayed for."

Queen's bass player John Deacon originally wrote the song for his wife, but we think this song perfectly captures the feelings of any daughter who considers her mother her best friend.

In this 2014 song, Queen Bey reflects on motherhood, wishing her daughter could stay young forever. Of course, Blue Ivy makes an appearance on the track (and in the video)!

Wondering where all the time went? Turn on this sweet song by Swedish pop stars ABBA. Instead of their usual dancey-disco sounds, this song is about reflecting back on your relationship when it feels like just yesterday it began.

"Your love keeps liftin' me higher and higher" &mdash we can think of one particular woman that reminds us of. Plus, this catchy Motown tune may just inspire an impromptu dance party.

Because who else would you walk a thousand miles for? Be warned before you listen, this catchy song will stay in your head forever.

This Motown hit is from the 1960s, but at least one thing about the song still rings true &mdash your mother is always right.

This sweet song speaks about how having a daughter can completely change how a mother sees herself and the world. It also reminds us that the relationship between a mother and daughter is a two-way street.

"Just call my name and I'll be there," sound familiar? This sweet song is a great reminder that your mother is always only a phone call away.

Celine graced us with the ultimate mother-daughter '90s ballad (even if it was intended as an ode to romantic love). "You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn't reach. You gave me faith 'cause you believed. I'm everything I am because you loved me."

This mellow R&B jam was written by Alicia and her husband Swizz Beatz shortly after they became parents. Any mother can relate to feeling speechless and filled with love when looking at her child.

Raise your hand if your mom's been your trusty shoulder to cry on through every stage of your life. The country music legend sings, "I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on. Be your shelter when you need someone to see you through. I'll be there to carry you."

Mom knows that part of her job is to help you grow up, but you know that in her heart, you will always be "forever young."

When life gets you down, there's one thing Mom wants you to remember: You can't lose her. And once in a while, she might need to be reminded that the feeling is mutual.

Easily recognized as the theme song for Gilmore Girls, the lyrics couldn't be more perfect for a mother and daughter growing together: "If you need, you need me to be with you. I will follow where you lead."

Carrie sings heartfelt lyrics telling her mom that although she's heading off to a new future with her husband, "There's no way you'll ever lose me. And giving me away is not goodbye."

"The song is all about my kid," Adele said in an interview. "The way I've described it is that something much bigger has happened in my life. I love that my life is now about someone else." All mothers can get behind this sentiment.

Shakira is an international superstar who's accomplished a lot in her life, including becoming a mother. She memorializes this monumental moment with a song dedicated to her son, Milan.

This song is about having a difficult mother/daughter relationship and coming through on the other side. It might make you appreciate your own mother by comparison.

Before she was a pop star, Taylor was just a girl who loved spending time with her mama. It doesn't get sweeter than this video, which features footage of her as a child.

Listen to this hit single about raising a teenage daughter, and then promptly apologize to Mom for all the tough times you put her through.

Filled with beautiful harmonies, this tune might not be specifically about moms and daughters, but "God only knows what I'd be without you," feels pretty fitting.

Tori Amos asked her daughter to join her for a special duet, where they promise to be there for each other no matter what life throws at them.

Mom might not be famous, but she's definitely a hero. This song is all about how special moms are in our lives.

All mothers ever want is for their children to be happy and Lee Ann shares this wish through her lyrics: "I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance," and "Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance."

This one's a must-listen for any parent. From the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack, the song recounts two parents looking at their fully grown daughter and asking where the time has went? Even removed from within its context in the musical, this Perry Como cover packs all the nostalgic power of the original.

40 Best Mother&rsquos Day Songs That Capture Your Unique Bond

Some of the most popular musical artists&mdashfrom Dolly Parton and Beyoncé to Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift&mdashhave honored the women who brought them into the world through the gift of song. While there are numerous ways to show your love on Mother's Day&mdashincluding, of course a meaningful gift, hand-written note, or even a matching tattoo, these heartfelt Mother's Day songs will set the stage for a perfect celebration, even if you're doting on her virtually this year.

Mother's Day tunes come in a wide range of sounds, styles, and themes. Poignant tracks like Blake Shelton's "The Baby" and Linda Ronstadt's "The Sweetest Gift" tell stories of a mother's unconditional love. Others, like Drake's "Look What You've Done" and Tupac's "Dear Mama," are filled with gratitude, reflecting on the everyday struggles of raising children from a place of respect and admiration.

Every parenting experience is singular and distinct, and the best music about motherhood acknowledges that specificity while still touching on greater themes about joy and sacrifice that can resonate with any listener. And if you're looking for something specific to capture your mother-daughter bond, there are plenty of options for that as well.

From upbeat tunes to soulful country ballads, and everything in between, dedicate this playlist to the person who knows you best.

Seven Best Rap Songs About Moms for Mother’ Day (VIDEO)

Even the toughest among of us are mamas’ boys at heart. Proof: these seven hip-hop odes to mom.

Kevin Fallon

Senior Entertainment Reporter

Getty Invision/AP AP

There’s something delightfully bizarre when searching for a song a particular musician recorded in tribute to his mother and finding the warning “(Explicit)” next to its title.

Yet that’s exactly what happens when you track down Snoop Dogg’s “I Love My Momma” on YouTube. And if a hip-hop star inextricably linked to drugs and girls and partying and raunchy content and explicit language offering up a well-meaning love letter to his mother seems odd, well, the truth is, it’s rather common. Kanye West, 2Pac, and Jay-Z are among the host of rappers who have done the same, trading lyrics about fast cars and popping bottles for tokens of appreciation for a mother’s hard work.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we rounded up some of the best rap songs paying homage to the No. 1 homey: mom.

Snoop Dogg: “I Love My Momma”

The most amusing part of Snoop Dogg/Lion/Tiger/Bear/Oh My/Whatever’s ode to his mother is that the track is actually mostly sung by another artist, with Snoop just repeatedly saying “I love my momma” in the background. But with lyrics like “Banging oldies in the livin room, sippin’ brew/Schlitz malt liquor and the thing back then/My momma was my homey, my daddy, and my best friend,” it’s hard not to be charmed by Snoop’s heartfelt ode—though the last bit of the song appears to be a wee bit (OK, a gargantuan bit) of a white lie. “You taught me about faith and hope/And never ever get hooked on dope.”

Ghostface Killah: “All That I Got Is You”

Just because your name is Ghostface Killah doesn't mean that you’re no mama’s boy. That what the rapper proves on “All That I Got Is You” as he waxes poetic on how hard his mother worked to raise him. He even enlists Mary J. Blige to croon an emotional bridge about how much he loves Mothah Killah. His final, existential ode: “I remember them good ole days/Because see, that’s the child I was/What made me the man I am today.”

As 2Pac’s own mother helpfully recaps while setting the scene in the opening moments to the “Dear Mama” music video, Afeni Shakur gave birth to he who would become Tupac just one month after being acquitted of charges of conspiracy against the government and released from jail. The passionate tribute track may not be the first hip-hop song to praise the hard work of a mother, but it may be the most influential. As LA Weekly notes, “It is considered to be one of the greatest hip-hop records of all time. It played in the background while God made love to the thunderbolt that birthed Tom Brady. It went to the Apple Store on Christmas Eve and got its iPhone fixed at the Genius Bar without having an appointment.” Basically, it’s just really good.

DMX might be one of the most aggressively terrifying people in the music business. But when he starts rapping about how much he misses his grandmother, he’s really just a cuddly Ruff Ryder teddy bear.

On this track of Blueprint, Jay raps his life, basically, chronicling everyone who’s helped him—“Hootie baby-sitted, changed my diapers”—and tried to bring him down—“police pursued me, chased, cuffed, and subdued me.” But through it all is Hova’s constant refrain: “Momma loved me.”

“I wanna tell the whole world about a friend of mine/This little light of mine and I’m finna let it shine,” go the opening lyrics to Kanye West’s ballad off 2005’s Late Registration, which took on an even more heart-tugging meaning in 2007 when West’s mother, Donda, died from complications after cosmetic surgery. In tribute to his mother, West dutifully began performing live on his Glow in the Dark tour, though not making it past his intro of “This song is for my mother. ” on his first live performance after her death. I dare you to make it through the above video of his 2008 Grammy performance of the track without shedding a tear.

Drake: “Look What You’ve Done”

“Look What You’ve Done” is more of a family tribute—the first verse is dedicated to Drake’s mother the second to his uncle. But in his appreciation of his mother, Drake summarizes what every son feels for the woman who raised him. Talking about his success, he says, “And I finally send you to Rome/I get to make good on my promise/It all worked out, girl, we shoulda known/Cause you deserve it.” Really, though. When my record goes multiplatinum, get ready for your trip to Rome, mom. Because you do deserve it.

27 Country Breakup Songs for Every Stage of Splitting Up

Breaking up is hard to do, but these tracks make it a bit easier.

Splitting up is tough, no matter who's responsible for the heartbreak. When you find yourself parting ways with someone who once meant the world to you, nothing eases the pain better than the wise words from classic country songs. These country breakup songs are a mix of somber and upbeat hits that will have you feeling better the moment you press play.

Whatever stage of post-breakup grief you&rsquore in &ndash whether its denial, anger, depression, or even acceptance&ndashwe guarantee there&rsquos a song on this list that will put your feelings into words, and offer some comfort and assurance that you&rsquore not alone.

After all, no one understands the variety of feelings that accompany the heartbreak of a breakup better than country singers and songwriters. For example, Reba McEntire&rsquos &ldquoConsider Me Gone&rdquo explores the strength and independence that can be claimed in the wake of an ended relationship, while &ldquoLike We Never Loved at All&rdquo by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill dwells contemplatively on the sadness and loneliness that everyone experiences in the immediate aftermath of a breakup.

So, whether you&rsquore going through a tough breakup yourself, or you just love a good country breakup ballad, these songs represent the ultimate country music playlist for ended relationships. Break out your box of tissues and press play!

Classic Rock Mother Son Wedding Songs

The timelessness of classical music is what makes it a perfect choice of genre for wedding dance songs. For classic tunes for a mother-son songs list, you need to look no further. This list of mother-son wedding songs rock and roll should have something or more to your liking and should be potential for a truly memorable dance. For a truly perfect day, you need to carefully choose the perfect songs, which is why we have pre-selected here an array of beautiful classical music for your special day. Check out classic rock mother-son dance songs below.

  1. Scissor Sisters &ndash Take Your Mama
  2. Kanye West &ndash Hey Mama
  3. Iron and Wine &ndash Up Over the Mountain
  4. Bob Dylan &ndash Forever Young (Slow Version)
  5. Mac Miller &ndash I&rsquoll Be There
  6. Otis Redding &ndash Glory of Love
  7. Good Charlotte &ndash Thank You Mom
  8. James Taylor &ndash You&rsquove Got a Friend
  9. Beatles &ndash In My Life
  10. The Intruders &ndash I&rsquoll Always Love My Momma
  11. Bruce Springsteen &ndash If I Fall Behind
  12. Crosby & Nash &ndash Carry Me
  13. The Temptations &ndash My Girl
  14. Bon Jovi &ndash Thank You for Loving Me
  15. Patti LaBelle &ndash You Are My Friend
  16. Pink Floyd &ndash Mother
  17. George Harrison &ndash All Those Years Ago
  18. Beach Boys &ndash God Only Knows
  19. Chicago &ndash Colour My World
  20. Chicago &ndash Just You and Me
  21. Simon and Garfunkel &ndash Bridge Over Troubled Water
  22. AneBrune &ndash True Colors
  23. The Byrds &ndash Turn, Turn, Turn
  24. The Commodores &ndash Three Times a Lady
  25. Atlantic Starr &ndash Always

Choosing classic rock for your mother-son wedding dance songs is a laudable option. One that gives you an array of songs to choose from, the music we couldn&rsquot live without. Each of these songs in the list is a classic in its own way and each definitely expresses the value of a mother or a child in one&rsquos life. It&rsquos a relationship to be cherished and celebrated and we&rsquove pulled together a list of classic mother-son songs which do just that, celebrate this relationship to the fullest. You can take your mama with the Scissor Sisters, or go up over the mountain with her with the voices of Iron and Wine in the background, or you can assure her you will always love her with help from the Intruders.

Watch the video: Official Non-Stop Mothers Day (May 2022).