Salad with gremolata and rice

Salad with gremolata and rice

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Gremolata: cut the parsley into small pieces, add the crushed garlic, lime or lemon peel and a little juice (according to taste), salt, oil (I used olives, which did not have a strong taste). If you do not have a good oil, use sunflower. Store in the refrigerator to become more flavorful.

Wash the salt, cut and sprinkle with salt (if you want pepper). Put it in a pan with enough water to cover it and let it boil, with the lid on for 50-60 minutes. It may swell. foam, so watch until it boils. Add more water, if needed.

The rice is boiled in salted water. The basmati one boils for 15 minutes, from the moment the water boils, and the brown one about 1 hour or so. Water, put as much as you consider (it absorbs even after you turn off the fire). Drain using a sieve.

The salad is taken lightly and put on a plate, and on top it is greased with gremolata. It is served with rice (drained).

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