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Ice latte

Ice latte

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  1. Coffee 1 serving
  2. Milk to taste
  3. Sugar or syrup to taste
  4. Ice 3/4 cup
  • Main ingredients: Milk, Coffee
  • Serving 1 serving


A glass, a straw.


Step 1: making coffee.

Coffee must be boiled in advance and cooled at least to room temperature, otherwise the ice will instantly dissolve, and you will get not an ice, but rather a warm drink.
Fill 3/4 glass with ice cubes and pour in coffee. Sweeten it with syrup or sugar to taste.

Step 2: add milk.

Add cold milk to a glass of coffee and that’s it! Your ice latte is ready!

Step 3: serve the ice latte.

Serve ice latte immediately, it is better to drink it through a straw so as not to spoil your teeth with a cold drink.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If you make latte in the evening, take decaffeinated coffee, otherwise you will sleep badly.