The Daily Dish: July 15, 2016

The Daily Dish: July 15, 2016

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Dishing out the latest and greatest in food news

Learn more about what is hot and trending in the world of food and drink

Today’s first course?

You can already order Pizza Hut with a few swipes on their app or by ordering online, but now you can chat with a Facebook bot to get your pizza fix. Pizza Hut just debuted a social media chatbot that allows you to tweet or Facebook message your Pizza Hut order. The service will start to be available in August and is in collaboration with the Conversable platform, which launched similar social media chatbots with Whole Foods Market and Wingstop.

We still know relatively little about the Neanderthal species, which was closely related to humans but went extinct thousands of years ago. However a team recently discovered the largest cache of Neanderthal remains in Northern Europe: 99 bones from five individual humans, four adolescents or adults, and one child. Many of the bones had marks where they were crushed to extract marrow. Considering that the bones of horses and reindeer also on site were marred in similar ways, the study suggested that all food was consumed in this way — and that, crucially, deceased Neanderthals counted as “food.”

In the world we live in, one of two things is true: Either you live under a rock, or you’re aware of the Pokémon Go craze that is currently gripping the nation. The new Pokémon game for mobile phones has a massive following, and even has more daily users than Twitter. One entrepreneurial brewery is trying to take advantage of that craze. Columbus, Ohio-based Actual Brewing will take Pokémon bingers on a three-hour safari around Columbus and tickets are a reasonable $37.50. The event description laid out the beer bus’s goals: “On this 3 hour tour, we’ll visit intriguing PokéStops, hunt for elusive monsters, and act like this is all perfectly normal. There may be a chance to catch a rare beer in the wild.”

That’s today’s daily dish, thanks for watching. Stop by tomorrow for another helping.

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