Bus Passengers Steal Emergency Hammers for Walnuts

Bus Passengers Steal Emergency Hammers for Walnuts

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Those emergency escape hammers look like good nutcrackers

People won't stop stealing the emergency hammers from buses to crack nuts.

Try to avoid being involved in a bus accident in China, because some passengers have reportedly been stealing the emergency escape hammers to use as nutcrackers.

According to Shanghaiist, two different men who do not know each other in Zhengzhou, China, were caught stealing those little red hammers on buses that are designed for trapped passengers to use to break the windows in case they need to escape. Apparently, those hammers looked like convenient and attractive free nutcrackers, because both men said they were stealing the hammers to crack walnuts.

Both men were reportedly caught by bus drivers because the hammers are attached to an alarm that rings if some nut-loving thief tries to steal them. The current security system is an improvement over the previous one, because the hammers used to just dangle on strings, and a person could just snip the thread and carry the hammer home to crack all the nuts he or she wanted.

Apparently this is a big problem for the bus companies — people frequently steal the emergency hammers to use as nutcrackers.

"We lose at least 2,000 emergency hammers every year," an officer with a Zhengzhou bus company said. "People always explain that they use it for cracking things at home."


It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail- that graduate school of survival. Here you learn how to use toothpaste as glue, fashion a shiv out of a spoon and build intricate communication networks. Here too, you learn the only rehabilitation possible-hatred of oppression.

Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It preaches jailbreak. It shows you where exactly how to place the dynamite that will destroy the walls. The first section-SURVIVE!-lays out a potential action program for our new Nation. The chapter headings spell out the demands for a free society. A community where the technology produces goods and services for whoever needs them, come who may. It calls on the Robin Hoods of Santa Barbara Forest to steal from the robber barons who own the castles of capitalism. It implies that the reader already is "ideologically set," in that he understands corporate feudalism as the only robbery worthy of being called "crime," for it is committed against the people as a whole. Whether the ways it describes to rip-off shit are legal or illegal is irrelevant. The dictionary of law is written by the bosses of order. Our moral dictionary says no heisting from each other. To steal from a brother or sister is evil. To not steal from the institutions that are the pillars of the Pig Empire is equally immoral.

Community within our Nation, chaos in theirs that is the message of SURVIVE!

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Be clever using section two clever as a snake. Dig the spirit of the struggle. Don't get hung up on a sacrifice trip. Revolution is not about suicide, it is about life. With your fingers probe the holiness of your body and see that it was meant to live. Your body is just one in a mass of cuddly humanity. Become an internationalist and learn to respect all life. Make war on machines, and in particular the sterile machines of corporate death and the robots that guard them. The duty of a revolutionary is to make love and that means staying alive and free. That doesn't allow for cop-outs. Smoking dope and hanging up Che's picture is no more a commitment than drinking milk and collecting postage stamps. A revolution in consciousness is an empty high without a revolution in the distribution of power. We are not interested in the greening of Amerika except for the grass that will cover its grave.

Section three - LIBERATE! - concerns itself with efforts to free stuff (or at least make it cheap) in four cities. Sort of a quick U.S. on no dollars a day. It begins to scratch the potential for a national effort in this area. Since we are a nation of gypsies, dope on how to move around and dig in anywhere is always needed. Together we can expand this section. It is far from complete, as is the entire project. Incomplete chapters on how to identify police agents, steal a car, run day-care centers, conduct your own trial, organize a G.I. coffee house, start a rock and roll band and make neat clothes, are scattered all over the floor of the cell. The book as it now stands was completed in the late summer of 1970. For three months manuscripts made the rounds of every major publisher. In all, over 30 rejections occurred before the decision to publish the book ourselves was made, or rather made for us. Perhaps no other book in modern times presented such a dilemma. Everyone agreed the book would be a commercial success. But even greed had its limits, and the IRS and FBI following the manuscript with their little jive rap had a telling effect. Thirty "yeses" become thirty "noes" after "thinking it over." Liberals, who supposedly led the fight against censorship, talked of how the book "will end free speech."

Finally the day we were bringing the proofs to the printer, Grove consented to act as distributor. To pull a total solo trip, including distribution, would have been neat, but such an effort would be doomed from the start. We had tried it before and blew it. In fact, if anyone is interested in 4,000 1969 Yippie calendars, they've got a deal. Even with a distributor joining the fight, the battle will only begin when the books come off the press. There is a saying that "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one." In past eras, this was probably the case, but now, high speed methods of typesetting, offset printing and a host of other developments have made substantial reductions in printing costs. Literally anyone is free to print their own works. In even the most repressive society imaginable, you can get away with some form of private publishing. Because Amerika allows this, does not make it the democracy Jefferson envisioned. Repressive tolerance is a real phenomenon. To talk of true freedom of the press, we must talk of the availability of the channels of communication that are designed to reach the entire population, or at least that segment of the population that might participate in such a dialogue. Freedom of the press belongs to those that own the distribution system. Perhaps that has always been the case, but in a mass society where nearly everyone is instantaneously plugged into a variety of national communications systems, wide-spread dissemination of the information is the crux of the matter. To make the claim that the right to print your own book means freedom of the press is to completely misunderstand the nature of a mass society. It is like making the claim that anyone with a pushcart can challenge Safeway supermarkets, or that any child can grow up to be president.

State legislators, librarians, PTA members, FBI agents, church-goers, and parents: a veritable legion of decency and order already is on the march. To get the book to you might be the biggest challenge we face. The next few months should prove really exciting.

Obviously such a project as Steal This Book could not have been carried out alone. Izak Haber shared the vision from the beginning. He did months of valuable research and contributed many of the survival techniques. Carole Ramer and Gus Reichbach of the New York Law Commune guided the book through its many stages. Anna Kaufman Moon did almost all the photographs. The cartoonists who have made contributions include Ski Williamson and Gilbert Sheldon. Tom Forcade, of the UPS, patiently did the editing. Bert Cohen of Concert Hall did the book's graphic design. Amber and John Wilcox set the type. Anita Hoffman and Lynn Borman helped me rewrite a number of sections. There are others who participated in the testing of many of the techniques demonstrated in the following pages and for obvious reasons have to remain anonymous. There were perhaps over 50 brothers and sisters who played particularly vital roles in the grand conspiracy. Some of the many others are listed on the following page. We hope to keep the information up to date. If you have comments, law suits, suggestions or death threats, please send them to: Dear Abbie P.0. Box 213, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10003. Many of the tips might not work in your area, some might be obsolete by the time you get to try them out, and many addresses and phone numbers might be changed. If the reader becomes a participating researcher then we will have achieved our purpose.

Watch for a special edition called Steal This White House, complete with blueprints of underground passages, methods of jamming the communications network and a detailed map of the celebrated room where according to Tricia Nixon, "Daddy loves to listen to Mantovanni records, turn up the air conditioner full blast, sit by the fireplace, gaze out the window to the Washington Monument and meditate on those difficult problems that face all the peoples of this world."

December, 1970
Cook County Jail

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SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankRatingViewers (millions)
First airedLast aired
124September 17, 1991 ( 1991-09-17 ) May 5, 1992 ( 1992-05-05 ) 4TBA28.9
225September 16, 1992 ( 1992-09-16 ) May 19, 1993 ( 1993-05-19 ) 3TBA31.5
325September 15, 1993 ( 1993-09-15 ) May 25, 1994 ( 1994-05-25 ) 2TBA35.2
426September 20, 1994 ( 1994-09-20 ) May 23, 1995 ( 1995-05-23 ) 3TBA32.9
526September 19, 1995 ( 1995-09-19 ) May 21, 1996 ( 1996-05-21 ) 7TBA25.9
625September 17, 1996 ( 1996-09-17 ) May 20, 1997 ( 1997-05-20 ) 9TBA23.1
725September 23, 1997 ( 1997-09-23 ) May 19, 1998 ( 1998-05-19 ) 10TBA19.5
828September 22, 1998 ( 1998-09-22 ) May 25, 1999 ( 1999-05-25 ) 10TBATBA

Season 1 (1991–92) Edit

After Mark breaks one of Tim's oldest tools, he fears the worst when Brad and Randy take control of his guilt and fabricate a story about the traded son "Peter," who was given away because he wrecked Tim's tools. Meanwhile, Tim modifies his riding lawnmower.

Tim tries to put up a satellite dish that has over 200 channels so he can watch sports games around the country, and is jealous when Jill's teacher (Sam McMurray) comes to the house and promptly starts making romantic advances on Jill.

Brad and Randy hear a rustling in the basement, and Tim dismisses it as a peaceful mouse, but the neighbor Wilson thinks it's a snake. This makes Tim's life a living hell, since he has a huge fear of snakes.

Workers from the K&B Construction Site come and show how to cook food using tools. Brad and Randy convince Mark that he's adopted, and then make up a story that everybody around him are aliens. To get back at the boys, Tim, Jill and Mark dress as aliens and scare them.

First appearances of: Dwayne, Pete and Rock, the "boys from K&B Construction"

Jill has to present a speech to the Library Association, and is beginning to have stage-fright. Tim and Mark dress up as women to help her practice while trying to clean the house.

Karen (Betsy Randle), Jill's friend, visits, and Tim has to tolerate and stand up to her constant comments about his masculinity and his own tool show. Because of this stress, Tim accidentally glues his forehead to a table. Meanwhile, Jill teaches Brad how to dance, because he will be attending Jennifer's parents' anniversary party.

Bob Vila is going to be a guest on Tool Time, and is going to participate in a game called "Stump the Toolman" with Tim. Randy gets in trouble for picking on a kid at school, and Jill forces him to invite the boy over, only to realize he is as annoying as Randy claims.

First appearances of: Bob Vila and John Binford (Noble Willingham)

When Jill tells Tim they're going to an opera fundraiser, he has no recollection of Jill mentioning it earlier. This prompts an all out argument between the two. All the while, Tim helps Mark build an elaborate bird house.

Tim's all-men-poker-night is ruined when Jill's sister Robin (Amy Ryan) and her husband Charlie (Tom Verica) come and have a big fight, thus causing disruptions in the game.

First appearance of: Jill's sister, Robin

Tim purchases a new stereo set, which causes many complications with the volume and Jill's paranoia for new gadgets since she suffers from technophobia and hates new things.

Season 2 (1992–93) Edit

Jill and Karen think that Tim will look at any woman in a restaurant, after they see him checking out a woman on Tool Time. Randy has trouble playing football. Tim's solution? Super glue.

Brad and Jennifer plan to dress like Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy on Halloween, but she shows up with Danny and is instead dressed like him. After Danny tries to ruin Tim's "Catacombs of Terror", Tim (Nanastein) scares him away with the help of Al and Wilson.

Note: This is the first Halloween episode.

Note: The episode title is a parody reference to the 1959 novel, The Haunting of Hill House.

When Mark contracts chicken pox, Jill forces Tim to move out for a few days, since he has never had it. Al then offers for Tim to stay with him, and although he doesn't want to, he decides against hurting Al's feelings, which he does anyway when he embarrasses Al severely on Tool Time in front of special guests Mario and Michael Andretti.

When John Binford marries a young, hot tool model, he assigns his daughter Maureen as the producer of Tool Time, who Al fully supports, but Tim is unhappy that she is taking over his show. Meanwhile, Tim is forced to take over the house when Jill unexpectedly gets a job as a researcher for a magazine, and Tim is weirdly left without advice when Wilson is more eager to take a herb bath than help Tim with his predicament.

Jill decides to finally complete their will, which Tim does not want to be part of because of his fear of mortality. Mark fears that his father is going to die. Meanwhile, Brad and Randy build a human catapult and need a victim for their experiment.

Brad and Randy start soliciting donations from the neighborhood for charity and are great successes however, when presented with the amount of money that they collect the boys can't help themselves and keep some of the money for themselves to buy comic books and Game Boy games.

Note: The episode title is a parody reference to the Christmas song, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

Jennifer is going away on holiday, so she leaves her goldfish Howard in the care of Brad, who inadvertently kills the fish, and now he has to buy a new fish before Jennifer finds out. Tim and Jill get into a fight over who owns what when Jill opens a private checking account for herself.

Note: First episode not directed by John Pasquin and first joke of Al's mom.

It's the Taylors' anniversary. Tim bribes Mark to tell him where the present Jill has bought for him is, and after discovering that it's the steering wheel from Mario Andretti's racecar, he decides to get her ballroom dancing lessons however, in true Tim Taylor fashion, he makes a mess of it by making fun of the dance, making smart comments and spinning the teacher right into the piano, sending her to the hospital. Guest star: Ann Miller

A woodpecker arrives at the Taylor household, and Tim goes crazy trying to get rid of it. Brad and Jennifer break up, and after he flunks a math test, he blames it on his being lovesick. However, when Jennifer drops by and gives Brad his workbook, revealing that she had been doing his homework and thus explaining why Brad failed the test (Brad gets grounded as a result), Tim and Jill are forced to tutor Brad to get his grades up again. Final appearance of: Jennifer Sudarsky

Jill's mother, Lillian (Polly Holliday), comes to visit for Mark's birthday. She comes bearing gifts: a drum set for Mark, and a family heirloom for Jill. But instead of the antique clock that she loves and really wanted, Lillian gives her a tea set, which Jill does not know why she received it.

Bob Vila re-appears on Tool Time and challenges Tim to a lawnmower race for charity. Determined to beat Vila once and for all, Tim inserts a jet engine from a helicopter into the lawnmower. Meanwhile, Brad and Randy create "The Tadpole Secrecy Test" for Mark, who wants them to play with him. The test involves Mark holding a live tadpole in his mouth for three seconds, but he accidentally swallows it.

Final appearance of: Betsy Randle as Karen, who was cast in the fellow ABC sitcom Boy Meets World. This is also Lisa's (Pamela Anderson) final recurring appearance, although she returns for a guest appearance in the sixth season.

Season 3 (1993–94) Edit

Jill learns her sister Carol is having a baby girl. When they talk about the baby's name and Jill is going through the boys' baby toys, she wishes she could have a baby girl. Tim tells Randy and Brad that Jill always wanted a girl so they tell Mark that Jill wished he had been a girl. This upsets Mark and when Jill wants to bake a cake with him, he doesn't want to. When she finds out the truth, she tells Mark that what Randy and Brad told him isn't true. Tim is also upset because he doesn't want another child. But he feels alright again when Jill tells him that they don't have the time for another child. On Tool Time, Tim and Al welcome Heidi, who becomes the new Binford Tool Girl, after Lisa goes off to college.

At Al's 35th birthday, he wants a wife and kids, so Jill fixes him up with Ilene Markham. Al finds out that Ilene wants kids too, so he proposes to her on Tool Time, later edited to become a Godzilla warning. Randy and Brad write a letter to Mark pretending to be Isiah Thomas, so Tim and Jill tell Mark to get revenge.

First appearance of: Ilene Markham (Sherry Hursey)

Tim has trouble with Joe Morton (Robert Picardo), his new neighbor, after Joe dents part of his hot rod for scrap. Jill becomes good friends with Marie Morton, Joe's wife. Brad signs up for home economics as his elective to meet girls, but his plan goes awry when every other boy in school does the same thing as Brad, filling the class with boys instead of girls.

First appearance of: Marie Morton (Mariangela Pino)

On Thanksgiving, for a perfect Christmas card, Tim builds a Christmas Village and has the family wear costumes, yet the snow machine causes problems and malfunctions, and Tim has to fix it.

Jill feels bad when her father, the army colonel, asks her opinion on his boring book. Meanwhile, Tim builds a hockey puck shooter when Randy becomes a goalie.

Jill joins Al's team for Habitat for Humanity because Tim thinks married couples shouldn't work together. Tim tries to beat Jill's team with an all star athlete construction team directed by himself. Meanwhile, Brad finds a locket and gives it to Ashley, but finds out it was Marie's.

After destroying his budget for 6 months on the Man's Kitchen, Tim struggles to find a good idea for his anniversary show. Jill tries to get guests for a no dinner dinner fundraiser, but finds it particularly difficult.

Tim and the boys plan on getting Jill a hot tub for Mother's Day and getting rid of the swing set so they can install the hot tub in their yard. But they find the swing set meant more to Jill than they thought and she wants a herb garden instead of a hot tub. Tim faces off with the new head of K&B Construction, a female named Les (Victoria Principal).

After researching cosmetic surgery on the computer, Jill finds that Tim wants her to have cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile, Mark beats Brad and Randy in a video game and chess.

Season 4 (1994–95) Edit

Tim finds a scratch on Jill's vintage Chevrolet Nomad, which he gave as a present to Jill, and insists that he take it to Eddie's body shop to be fixed, but first he drives it to work on a special Tool Time episode in a construction yard where he drops a three-ton steel beam on the car. He doesn't tell Jill the truth but she sees the car in the body shop when she goes to retrieve a book from it and also finds out that Tim had told Eddie that Jill had caused the damage. Brad and Randy prepare to stop the bus bully, but get kicked off the bus as a side effect.

Ratings 35 million viewers 21.6 rating. [ citation needed ]

Tim begins to become concerned about his health when his 40th birthday nears, and Harry, the owner of Harry's Hardware, has a heart attack. Tim cancels his birthday plans, but after receiving advice from a heart-attack survivor and a medical report, he moves on. Tim and Al shrink down to view a car engine.

Tim installs a central vacuum system Tim's brother Marty comes over to tell Tim that he's leaving his wife Nancy and kids, but Tim's advice turns Marty against him. Meanwhile, Tim creates a hole in the floor installing the vacuum system, and Jill has trouble working on her psychology report.

First appearance of: Marty Taylor (William O'Leary)

At Thanksgiving dinner with the Taylors, Wilson announces he is moving to Ecuador, but Tim gives him advice in the hopes Wilson will decide to stay. It turns out this is a crisis Wilson is dealing with after his wife died 15 years ago. Tim is able to help Wilson using words from Mario Andretti. Meanwhile, there is a dead rat in the Taylors' wall.

Note: This is the first time viewers see inside Wilson's house. Note also that Wilson's entire face is briefly seen when he tells Tim about the Indian corn.

Mr. Leonard, Tim's high school shop teacher, comes to visit, but gets angry and leaves after Tim telling Mr. Leonard what he can and can't do on an episode of Tool Time.

Marty and his wife and kids, and Jill's parents come to visit. Jill learns her parents are having marital problems and tries to patch things up, only making them worse. Wilson suggests that Tim talks with Jill's father as a third party, to patch things up.

Final appearance of: Col. Fred Patterson (M. Emmet Walsh)

First appearances of: Nancy, Claire and Gracie Taylor

Note: This is the only episode that both of Jill's parents appeared together.

Tim decides to sell his hot rod to Doug O'Brien (Bruce McGill), a pizza entrepreneur, which upsets Brad because of how much time he and Tim had worked on it. Meanwhile, Jill takes Randy shopping for clothes and he is afraid that Jill will embarrass him in front of Beth

When Al is published as one of Detroit's "Most Eligible Bachelors" in a magazine, women begin flocking all over him and he starts to ignore Ilene. Mark has to write a report on the most interesting person he knows, and he writes it on Wilson instead of Tim.

Tim insults Jill on Tool Time, ruins dinner, and drops her ring down the furnace.

Tim and Al scalp tickets to a Red Wings game before heading to the theater with Jill and Ilene, but they get arrested, and Jill and Ilene come to bail them out. Meanwhile, Mark papier-mâché's Wilson's face for a school project when Wilson watches the kids while Tim and Jill are gone, and Brad and Randy try to sneak out for a party.

Despite Jill's advice, Tim stays up all night watching Tool Time tapes because of his upset stomach from eating too much Polish food.

Tim continues to watch Tool Time tapes to ease his stomach.

Jill's sister, Carrie (Tudi Roche), observes the family while on break. Tim's brother Marty's moving plans are halted by a slippery floor. Cal, Al's brother, reveals a childhood secret.

Jill hooks Wilson up for his first date (with her psychology professor) in twenty years and Tim gives him advice. Brad gets a horrendous pimple, which he uses make-up to cover.

Season 5 (1995–96) Edit

After Bud Harper, the new owner of Binford, fires Wes, Tim fears Tool Time is in jeopardy, and Bud wants to only fire Al to improve the show's ratings. Brad keeps getting detention.

While Tim has everyone at the house for Jill's surprise party 40th birthday (in which it is her 39th), she is off looking for her childhood piano which her cousin has. Bud makes Al try a makeover, which causes him to experience "flannel withdrawal." It turns out Jill plays piano really bad.

Jill, Wilson, and Al are jealous when Tim gets an honorary Ph.D., but Tim later finds out that he got the Ph.D. because the college was going to use him, since he had a TV show, to receive additional funding.

When Tim's mother returns, she begins dating Mr. Leonard, Tim's old shop teacher, and doesn't want to spend time with Tim.

On a visit to a military base, Tim and Jill compete against each other driving tanks, and Jill wins however, Tim doesn't congratulate her because he thinks she humiliated him. The boys suffer at Al's for a weekend, until they see the Tool Time game he invented.

Mark wants to take flying lessons, but Jill does not let him. Jill takes piano lessons, but is not making progress at all. Meanwhile, Tim and Al ruin Bud's car.

On Tool Time, Tim and Al introduce country music singer Alan Jackson. Meanwhile, Delores, Harry's wife, comes to Harry's Hardware and Tim's marital advice causes them to split up, and he must bring them back together, at a temporary cost of his personality.

Tim and Brad get into a fight over Brad's new haircut and the hot rod engine. Meanwhile, Randy doesn't want Jill to help him rehearse for an audition to play Romeo in a school play of Romeo & Juliet.

When Wilson is burglarized and gets some obscure artifacts stolen, Tim surprisingly gets a simple security system. However, Jill, paranoid over what happened to Wilson, begs Tim to get the biggest security system he can find, but the overcomplicated system causes chaos in the house and in the neighborhood. Brad gets the opportunity to cheat on an important exam, but trips the alarm sneaking downstairs.

While Tool Time is on vacation, Al plans to market his Tool Time board game, puts his life savings on the line, and plans to propose to Ilene on the upcoming Saturday. But, Tim, Jill, and Mark discover a malfunction that causes a fire due to a wiring defect, which Al didn't know about. When it turns out the person that built the games is in jail, Tim, Jill, Cal, Wilson, Heidi, and Ilene repair all the games and Al proposes to Ilene.

Absent: Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy Taylor

Season 6 (1996–97) Edit

Jill buys a foreign sports car Austin-Healey with money from an inheritance and forbids Tim to drive it, but when, of course, does Tim listen to Jill?

Benny isn't allowed on the guest list for the Thanksgiving dinner party at the Taylor house, but Tim and Randy spot him at a food shelter, thinking he is having money problems, and invite him as a guest of honor. As it turns out, Benny only eats there because of the free meals.

Notes: Stop-motion segments in this episode.

Tim's brothers help move their mother out of the family home, but Tim takes an immediate dislike to the new owners' plans for the place. But Tim's mother tells them to take whatever's important to Tim and his brothers.

A tense Tim troubles the Tool Time team when the audience includes two Swedish buyers who are considering the show for the European market. Will Tool Time's "Salute to Men" have the desired result? Tim also builds the Man's Gym.

A singer hints that her relationship with Tim's father was more than casual. Tim forgets where he hid Jill's Valentine's Day gift. Brad and Randy struggle to find gifts for their girlfriends.

After a critic declares performance artist Wilson is out of touch with reality, the Taylors' neighbor decides to be more like Tim. Tim and Al compete in a cooking contest.

Al reveals a secret to Tim and the guys before his wedding to Ilene, that he is not sure if marrying her is right. Jill tries to reassure him by talking about how she had to be dragged to her wedding, which offends Tim. Ilene soon reveals she has the same feelings as Al, putting the wedding in jeopardy.

The kids are using the phone way too much so Tim convinces Jill to let Harry's son Dennis (David DeLuise) install a second line. Unfortunately when Dennis takes a break, Tim takes over with the help of Brad and Randy, damaging not only the house, but also Dennis and Harry's relationship.

The Taylors go to a hardware show in Cleveland, and Jill looks forward to spending quality time exploring the city with the boys. But they don't seem to be interested in spending time with her, and she realizes how fast they're growing up. Meanwhile, Tim causes several accidents at the hardware show during Tool Time remotes.

Lisa (Pamela Anderson Lee), the original Tool Time girl who left the show to become a paramedic, returns. Tim, who is as excited as everyone else to see her again, invites Lisa to temporarily resume her part on the show without consulting the current Tool Time girl, Heidi. As a result, Heidi quits until Tim explains what happened. Randy finally gets up the nerve to ask Lauren out on their first official date, and the date fails until Wilson's advice turns it around for the better.

Season 7 (1997–98) Edit

While Tim tries to give "more power!" to the BBQ concept, Randy meets with Lauren and Brad breaks up with Angela. Mark's changing, but is it for the better? The Taylor's vacation at a Lake Michigan resort and Tim is seriously considering quitting Tool Time and moving permanently to this resort, but Jill thinks he's having a mid-life crisis.

First appearance of: The 1997 Wind Dancer Production Group Logo.

Randy and Tim face off over Binford's environmental policies when Randy writes an article for his school newspaper, and his interview with Bud leads Randy to cause a Tool Time argument. Jill gets an internship counseling families.

After Brad gets a soccer scholarship, Tim begins to push him too hard, and the coach kicks Brad off the team. Randy and Lauren want to go out on another date, but they don't particularly want to double date with a couple of friends Jill saves the day by "offering" to come along on the date. The K&B Construction guys make an appearance on the show, and Mark furthers his rebellion by wearing dark clothes and painting his nails black.

It's Halloween at the Taylor house. Worried that Mark will spend the night alone with Ronnie, Jill asks Brad and Randy to take them to a party they're going to, but they refuse. Mark tells his parents that he and Ronnie are in a film class, and that they're going to be making a horror film - he then asks the family to be in it, and they accept. When they start filming, Jill and Tim worry that it won't be good because it isn't scary yet. When they find his video, they decide to watch it to see how it's going. They find out that it's about a boy, Clark, who has been ignored by his family, Jim, Lil, Chad and Andy. He sees a mad scientist, Dr. Wilsonstein, to get a potion that will turn them into freaks. He then decides to kill them. This makes Jill worry because she thinks Mark really does feel ignored, and wants to kill them. When they start the next scene, he is about to chop his father's head off, and Mark holds up a real knife. Jill has had enough, and decides that they need to talk.

Note: Al's name in Mark's movie (Algore) is a reference to the character Igor, and Al Gore, the Vice President of the United States at the time.

Tim manages to break a valuable piece of church equipment during Custom Cabinet week on Tool Time. After volunteering at a hospice, Randy begins to question his religion and is shocked when his patient takes a turn for the worse. Dan Aykroyd makes a guest appearance as Father Mike Weber, Aykroyd's character from the fellow ABC sitcom Soul Man.

On Tool Time, Tim and Al show viewers how to prepare for a severe winter storm. When Tim falls through the gazebo he discovers a small bag of marijuana taped to the underside of the swing. Jill and Tim stake out their backyard from Wilson's to catch the culprit. to everyone's surprise, Brad is caught red-handed with the goods. After finding out Brad is using weed, Jill admits she was a pot head after getting drunk at a Led Zeppelin concert and talked to Randy and Mark about Brad's actions and punishment much to Mark's irritation.

Tim becomes suspicious that Heidi and Al are having a hot affair when he finds out she has separated from her husband he sets out to find out exactly how much of an affair they are having. On Tool Time, Tim adds a little "more power!" to his golf swing when golf-pro Payne Stewart stops by. Jill catches a cold.

On Tool Time, Tim manages to throw himself out a window while doing renovation work. Jill tries to get Tim to help prepare for a tax audit. Brad and Randy become rivals when Brad's tabloid article "Hey Yo!" takes the spotlight away from Randy's "Genetic Mutations in the Second Half of the 20th Century".

Randy feels slighted when his driving privileges differ from those Brad had when he first got his license. On Tool Time, "Judy's Rat" pulls cable through hard to reach spaces, and bites Tim's nose. Afterward "Judy" confesses that she's the real Judy's sister Trudy, and is impersonating her sister in order to meet Al.

Tool Time is revisited by Astronauts Ken Bowersox and Steve Hawley, who announce that a Binford tool will be used on their next shuttle mission. Tim and Al go to Houston to try and win the competition to be the one to use the tool in space. Mark tries to impress a girl by making a dramatic change to his appearance.

Season 8 (1998–99) Edit

The Taylor family has to say some tough goodbyes to Randy after he is unexpectedly accepted into a yearlong environmental-study program in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Tool Time holds auditions for a group to write lyrics to the Tool Time theme music.

Jill's sister and Tim's brother get a little too friendly, which interrupts Tim and Jill's plans to spend some intimate time together.

While Brad has worries about his SATs, Wilson's visiting friend, an English soccer-team owner, tells Tim that Brad is good enough to play professionally Brad seriously considers it.

The Tool Time gang take their show on the road in Tim's new community fix-up van. Tim and Jill are introduced to Al's new, very rich girlfriend, and Tim doesn't understand what is so wrong with Al accepting very extravagant gifts from her, such as a car.

Tim invites his brother Marty and his 6-year-old twin daughters to stay at the Taylors' when he discovers that Marty is staying at the hardware store after separating from his wife.

When Randy returns home unexpectedly for Christmas and discovers all the changes that have happened in his absence, he feels unwelcome. Tim discovers that his biggest rival in the annual neighborhood-lighting contest is Al--who gets stuck on the roof with Trudy after winning.

Tim and Jill offer Marty parenting tips when Claire, one of the twins, keeps throwing tantrums to get her own way.

Spending a weekend alone to write a book for Binford, Tim is distracted by dreams of fame and fortune.

Tim commissions Mark to film a video to celebrate the hot rod's completion. But when Tim is dissatisfied with the results, Mark directs a dance number starring Tim, Jill, Al, Heidi, Wilson, Sparky, and Eddie the body shop guy, set to "Greased Lightning", a musical number from Grease.

Ski-trip plans are put on hold when Jill needs an emergency hysterectomy, as for several years she had not managed to fit checkups into her busy schedule. Tim helps her face the situation, but becomes frightened when complications arise during surgery.

Tim waits for news on Jill's surgery. Jill will be fine, although she had to have her ovaries completely removed, not partially as was first thought. Jill's mother visits to help look after and nurture her, but she starts to blame Tim for everything because of her mood swings.

Final appearance of: Lillian Patterson.

Tim and Wilson's friendship is tested when Wilson wins $10,000 at a Red Wings game that Tim buys Wilson for his birthday and decides to build an elaborate Victorian greenhouse in his backyard--which blocks the Taylors' view. Mark tries to woo a girl.

Jill's thesis is before the committee. During Mark's student-film viewing, Jill's psychology professor sees her criticize him and she is worried that this will affect the thesis committee's decision.

Tool Time continues to be a "jewel" despite the continued excess presence of the Binford name, and new producer Morgan Wandell tries to give Tim a hard time. Things rapidly turn sad when Al decides to take his mother Alma out to dinner to tell her he's marrying Trudy--and upon hearing the news, Alma has a heart attack and dies.

During the ride to school, Tim and the boys reminisce about some of the good times they've had, with clips from previous shows.

Note: Kenny Rogers recorded the song "We've Got It All", which was made exclusively for this episode.

A look back at the past 8 years of Home Improvement, with cast interviews, outtakes, scenes for the final taping—and Earl Hindman's entire face.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

The Altruist cult has appeared in the mission Pickup Sticks where they guard the second package. In GTA Online, it was possible to start a gang attack with them at their camp. In one of the SecuroServ VIP missions for Hostile Takeover, they appear as adversaries at their camp, in the middle of some kind of deal with The Lost MC. They can be encountered in Bunkers resupply missions when collecting shipments. They will attack the player with pistols, flare guns or melee attacks. They can also be one of the player's buyers when using a helicopter to sell product for Motorcycle Clubs businesses. When approaching their camp during the sell mission, LJT will warn the player to keep their distance.


SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankRating
First airedLast airedNetwork
136September 29, 1960 ( 1960-09-29 ) June 8, 1961 ( 1961-06-08 ) ABC1325.8 [a]
236September 28, 1961 ( 1961-09-28 ) June 7, 1962 ( 1962-06-07 ) 1124.7
339September 20, 1962 ( 1962-09-20 ) June 20, 1963 ( 1963-06-20 ) 2821.0
437September 19, 1963 ( 1963-09-19 ) May 28, 1964 ( 1964-05-28 ) 2721.9
536September 17, 1964 ( 1964-09-17 ) May 20, 1965 ( 1965-05-20 ) 1325.5
632September 16, 1965 ( 1965-09-16 ) April 28, 1966 ( 1966-04-28 ) CBS1523.8
732September 15, 1966 ( 1966-09-15 ) May 11, 1967 ( 1967-05-11 ) 2920.2 [b]
830September 9, 1967 ( 1967-09-09 ) March 30, 1968 ( 1968-03-30 ) 2420.8
928September 28, 1968 ( 1968-09-28 ) April 19, 1969 ( 1969-04-19 ) 1422.8
1026October 4, 1969 ( 1969-10-04 ) April 4, 1970 ( 1970-04-04 ) 1521.8 [c]
1124September 19, 1970 ( 1970-09-19 ) March 20, 1971 ( 1971-03-20 ) 1920.8
1224September 13, 1971 ( 1971-09-13 ) April 13, 1972 ( 1972-04-13 ) 47 [1] 17.2 [2]
  1. ^ Tied with 77 Sunset Strip
  2. ^ Tied with I Spy, The CBS Thursday Night Movie, and The F.B.I.
  3. ^ Tied with Ironside and The Johnny Cash Show

Season 1 (1960–61) Edit

The main characters are presented, including the three sons: Mike aged 18, Robbie aged 14, Chip aged 7, and Tramp the dog. The basic relationships within the family are established, that Steven Douglas is of Scottish descent, and has been a widower for 6 years.

A missile launch, sleeping in and daylight saving time make for an interesting Monday morning. The Douglas household is a chaotic affair of lost Indian arrowheads for Chip's turn in show and tell at school, Robbie's missing trumpet and some important lost plans of Steve's that Mike has nearly burned in the incinerator. In the end, they went through all that trouble for nothing. This episode features the voice talent of Paul Frees narrating the missile lunch for the entire episode.

When Steve invites his second cousin Selena to come and visit, Bub gets the strange impression that he is being neglected and isn't really needed. He decides to take up the offer of managing a movie theater in Plainview, and nothing the boys say or do can make him change his mind.

With Steve away in Seattle on a business trip, the Douglas household's version of man's best friend has been known to drag home anything he can get his jaws into. This time Tramp slinks in with a large stick of dynamite that has somewhere and somehow survived since the end of the Second World War.

Season 2 (1961–62) Edit

An old high school sweetheart calls for Steve while he is out. Feeling nostalgic, Steve tries to locate her in town, but never seems to be able to catch up with her as he reminisces about their past relationship. As he arrives home the door bell rings and he gets a disappointment then a surprise.

Steve takes a week's vacation from the family to stay at a wilderness fishing lodge, where he finds that the older couple who run the lodge are trying to play matchmaker, having invited an attractive woman there also. She is unsociable towards Steve at first until he points out that he only came along on the trip to appease his fellow campers.

Season 3 (1962–63) Edit

Chip sees a ghost while trick-or-treating.

Season 4 (1963–64) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1121"Almost the Sound of Music"Gene ReynoldsEd James & Seaman JacobsSeptember 19, 1963 ( 1963-09-19 ) 401
Robbie decides to enter a rock 'n' roll contest.
1132"Scotch Broth"Gene ReynoldsGeorge TibblesSeptember 26, 1963 ( 1963-09-26 ) 402
The Douglases go to Scotland to see their castle.
1143"Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?"Gene ReynoldsMilt Rosen & Danny SimonOctober 3, 1963 ( 1963-10-03 ) 403
Steve has a terrible day.
1154"Dear Robbie"Gene ReynoldsBob Fisher & Arthur MarxOctober 10, 1963 ( 1963-10-10 ) 404
Robbie becomes the school advice-columnist.
1165"A Car of His Own"Gene Reynolds TBAOctober 17, 1963 ( 1963-10-17 ) 405
Robbie deals to get a car to win a girl.
1176"How Do You Know?" TBA TBAOctober 24, 1963 ( 1963-10-24 ) 406
Mike announces he has found true love -- Sally Ann Morrison (played by Meredith MacRae) in her first of 29 appearances on the show.
1187"My Friend Ernie" TBA TBAOctober 31, 1963 ( 1963-10-31 ) 407
Chip and his pal Ernie go treasure hunting.
1198"The End of You-Know What"Gene ReynoldsJames Allardice & Tom AdairNovember 7, 1963 ( 1963-11-07 ) 408
Chip and Ernie conclude the world is ending.
1209"The Toupee" TBA TBANovember 14, 1963 ( 1963-11-14 ) 409
Bub tries to cover his baldness for a woman's visit.
12110"The Ever-Popular Robbie Douglas" TBA TBANovember 21, 1963 ( 1963-11-21 ) 410
Robbie runs for student council.
12211"The Proposals" TBA TBANovember 28, 1963 ( 1963-11-28 ) 411
Mike bungles his attempts to propose, but Sally says yes by the episode's end. (They will marry in Episode 185 -- Season 6, episode 1.)
12312"Steve and the Viking" TBA TBADecember 5, 1963 ( 1963-12-05 ) 412
Steve must escort a visiting dignitary's daughter, played by a heartily robust Sally Kellerman.
12413"Par for the Course" TBA TBADecember 12, 1963 ( 1963-12-12 ) 413
Robbie decides to take up golf to please Steve.
12514"Windfall" TBA TBADecember 19, 1963 ( 1963-12-19 ) 414
Chip's reward for saving a dog makes him popular.
12615"Top Secret" TBA TBADecember 26, 1963 ( 1963-12-26 ) 415
Bub is curious about Steve's top-secret project.
12716"Will Success Spoil Chip Douglas?" TBA TBAJanuary 2, 1964 ( 1964-01-02 ) 416
Ex-Vaudevillian Bub laments that there hasn't been a member of the Douglas family in show business for over thirty years, so he is delighted when Chip is selected to portray Christopher Columbus in a school play.
12817"Second Chorus" TBA TBAJanuary 9, 1964 ( 1964-01-09 ) 417
Mike and Sally think Steve is dating a singer.
12918"Never Look Back" TBA TBAJanuary 16, 1964 ( 1964-01-16 ) 418
Steve prepares for his 25-year high-school reunion.
13019"Marriage By Proxy" TBA TBAJanuary 23, 1964 ( 1964-01-23 ) 419
Helping a pregnant woman gives engaged Mike pause.
13120"The Chaperone" TBA TBAJanuary 30, 1964 ( 1964-01-30 ) 420
Bub acts as chaperon for Robbie's costume party.
13221"My Fair Chinese Lady" TBA TBAFebruary 6, 1964 ( 1964-02-06 ) 421
Robbie teaches American customs to a Chinese girl.
13322"House for Sale" TBA TBAFebruary 13, 1964 ( 1964-02-13 ) 422
The family may be moving to Hawaii. Note: In her first of 135 appearances, Tina Cole guest stars as Robbie's girlfriend Ina three years later she'd appear as Katie Miller, Robbie's girlfriend and eventual wife.
13423"Stone Frog" TBA TBAFebruary 20, 1964 ( 1964-02-20 ) 423
Chip's stone frog may indeed be magical.
13524"Stage Door Bub" TBA TBAFebruary 27, 1964 ( 1964-02-27 ) 424
The show-business fever reawakens in Bub. Pert Kelton had an important role in this episode.
13625"Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly" TBA TBAMarch 5, 1964 ( 1964-03-05 ) 425
Mike decides to teach Sally how to fish. Note: This is the first of eight appearances for Doris Singleton, two as Sally's mother and then six appearances in Season 11 as the mother of Chip's wife.
13726"Cherry Blossoms in Bryant Park" TBA TBAMarch 12, 1964 ( 1964-03-12 ) 426
Mike's Japanese former girlfriend comes to town.
13827"What's the Princess Really Like?"Gene ReynoldsStory by : Cynthia Lindsay
Teleplay by : Cynthia Lindsay & Gail Ingram Clement
March 19, 1964 ( 1964-03-19 ) 427
Steve's former sweetheart is now a princess. A pre-Sgt. Schultz John Banner has a bit part.
13928"The People's House" TBA TBAMarch 26, 1964 ( 1964-03-26 ) 428
Steve submits his house for a decorating contest. Jean Stapleton and Dianne Foster have featured roles in this episode.
14029"The Tree" TBA TBAApril 2, 1964 ( 1964-04-02 ) 429
Bub joins a women's group to save a tree.
14130"The Substitute Teacher" TBA TBAApril 9, 1964 ( 1964-04-09 ) 430
Robbie's class harasses a substitute teacher, and when Robbie mentions her name at home, Mike immediately recognizes it and Robbie gets an earful from Steve.
14231"Mike Wears the Pants" TBA TBAApril 16, 1964 ( 1964-04-16 ) 431
Mike and Sally waffle over a marriage decision.
14332"The Guys and the Dolls" TBA TBAApril 23, 1964 ( 1964-04-23 ) 432
Mike and his Air Force Reserve friends collect money for surgery for a mute girl. Martin Sheen has a pivotal role in this episode.
14433"The Ballad of Lissa Stratmeyer"Gene ReynoldsStory by : Glenn Wheaton & Mannie Manheim
Teleplay by : Glenn Wheaton & Mannie Manheim and Douglas Tibbles
April 30, 1964 ( 1964-04-30 ) 433
Members of a losing team may lose their girlfriends.
14534"Tramp Goes to Hollywood" TBA TBAMay 7, 1964 ( 1964-05-07 ) 434
Tramp is scheduled for a Hollywood film test.
14635"Adventure in New York" TBA TBAMay 14, 1964 ( 1964-05-14 ) 435
Mike and Robbie take a song to a New York publisher. J. Pat O'Malley has a featured part in this episode.
14736"Huckleberry Douglas" TBA TBAMay 21, 1964 ( 1964-05-21 ) 436
Ernie and Chip re-enact 'Tom Sawyer.'
14837"Guest in the House" TBA TBAMay 28, 1964 ( 1964-05-28 ) 437
Steve must take in a delinquent for a week. Tony Dow guest stars.

Season 5 (1964–65) Edit

While Bub is away in Ireland, Steve makes a disaster of cooking and laundry while Chip has a girl with very serious manners as their dinner guest.

Indians want to perform a ceremony in the yard.

Season 6 (1965–66) Edit

All episodes now filmed in color

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1851"The First Marriage"James V. KernGeorge TibblesSeptember 16, 1965 ( 1965-09-16 ) 6501
Mike and Sally are married as Tim Considine makes his last appearance on the show. Mike thanks Steve for everything before he and Sally head off to his new job out of state. Back at home, the attention turns to Ernie, whose foster parents have moved to Japan, leaving Ernie at loose ends. Vera Miles appears in three episodes as Ernie's case worker and Virginia Gregg appears twice as her supervisor.
1862"Red Tape Romance"James V. KernGeorge TibblesSeptember 23, 1965 ( 1965-09-23 ) 6502
Steve considers adopting 10-year-old Ernie.
1873"Brother Ernie"James V. KernGeorge TibblesSeptember 30, 1965 ( 1965-09-30 ) 6503
Steve signs on the dotted line and Ernie is officially adopted into the Douglas family. "Goodnight, son" and "Goodnight, dad" are the last lines spoken by Steve and Ernie in this touching episode.
1884"Robbie and the Chorus Girl" TBA TBAOctober 14, 1965 ( 1965-10-14 ) 6504
Charley is concerned about Robbie's latest girlfriend, who works as a nightclub entertainer.
1895"There's a What in the Attic?" TBA TBAOctober 21, 1965 ( 1965-10-21 ) 6505
Ernie spots a lion but no one believes him, thinking it's just a bid for attention from his new family.
1906"Office Mother" TBA TBAOctober 28, 1965 ( 1965-10-28 ) 6506
Steve's new secretary (an over-the-top Joan Blondell) runs the office like a kitchen.
1917"Mary-Lou" TBA TBANovember 4, 1965 ( 1965-11-04 ) 6507
Chip makes a date with an older girl who thinks on the phone that he is Robbie.
1928"Monsters and Junk Like That" TBA TBANovember 11, 1965 ( 1965-11-11 ) 6508
Steve becomes trapped in a metal robot suit on his way to perform in Ernie's school play.
1939"Charley and the Dancing Lesson" TBA TBANovember 18, 1965 ( 1965-11-18 ) 6509
A lovely dance instructor (Joanna Moore) signs Charley up for lessons.
19410"My Son, the Ballerina" TBA TBANovember 25, 1965 ( 1965-11-25 ) 6510
Robbie is recommended to take a ballet class by his football coach, to improve his coordination. All goes well, until Robbie is expected to perform at an upcoming ballet recital, against his "masculine" instincts. Will he perform?
19511"The Ernie Report" TBA TBADecember 2, 1965 ( 1965-12-02 ) 6511
The family's busy love lives leave little time for Ernie.
19612"The Hong Kong Story" TBA TBADecember 9, 1965 ( 1965-12-09 ) 6512
Charley searches for a long-lost love in Hong Kong. George Takei has a bit part in this episode.
19713"Marriage and Stuff" TBA TBADecember 16, 1965 ( 1965-12-16 ) 6513
The family is convinced Steve is soon to wed, so Uncle Charley plans to go back to sea, Robbie plans to move to a dorm, and Chip and Ernie make plans to live with Mike and Sally in Arizona.
19814"Douglas A Go-Go" TBA TBADecember 23, 1965 ( 1965-12-23 ) 6514
Chip decides to give a coed party.
19915"Charley the Pigeon" TBA TBADecember 30, 1965 ( 1965-12-30 ) 6515
Charley seeks revenge on two female pool hustlers.
20016"What About Harry?" TBA TBAJanuary 6, 1966 ( 1966-01-06 ) 6516
A shaggy dog adopts Steve guests Lee Meriwether and Linda Watkins as animal rescuers.
20117"From Maggie with Love" TBA TBAJanuary 13, 1966 ( 1966-01-13 ) 6517
Steve's wealthy admirer (Dana Wynter) gives gifts to the family.
20218"Robbie and the Slave Girl" TBA TBAJanuary 20, 1966 ( 1966-01-20 ) 6518
A Chinese girl Robbie saved wants to be his slave.
20319"Steve and the Huntress" TBA TBAJanuary 27, 1966 ( 1966-01-27 ) 6519
A beautiful explorer (Terry Moore (actress)) asks Steve to go on safari with her.
20420"Robbie the College Man" TBA TBAFebruary 3, 1966 ( 1966-02-03 ) 6520
Robbie moves into a crowded dorm room.
20521"Whatever Happened to Baby Chip?" TBA TBAFebruary 10, 1966 ( 1966-02-10 ) 6521
Chip decides to grow long hair guest Jay North.
20622"Robbie and the Little Stranger" TBA TBAFebruary 17, 1966 ( 1966-02-17 ) 6522
Baby-sitter Robbie must bring his charge home. Tina Cole plays Robbie's girlfriend, Joanne.
20723"Call Her Max" TBA TBAFebruary 24, 1966 ( 1966-02-24 ) 6523
Two tomboys -- a female engineer and a member of a girls hockey team -- prove tough to handle for Steve and Chip. Terry Burnham plays, Georgie, Chip's female antagonist.
20824"Kid Brother Blues" TBA TBAMarch 3, 1966 ( 1966-03-03 ) 6524
Chip and a pal break up Robbie's date. Soon, Chip gets the same treatment from Ernie.
20925"Robbie's Double Date" TBA TBAMarch 10, 1966 ( 1966-03-10 ) 6525
Robbie goes steady with two girls at once.
21026"Our Boy in Washington" TBA TBAMarch 17, 1966 ( 1966-03-17 ) 6526
Ernie's courtesy wins the family a trip to France, where they meet a government official and are paired off with young friends.
21127"Ernie and That Woman" TBA TBAMarch 24, 1966 ( 1966-03-24 ) 6527
A sixth-grade girl deceives fourth-grader Ernie and tricks him into giving her a colorful exotic stamp from his album.
21228"The State vs. Chip Douglas" TBA TBAMarch 31, 1966 ( 1966-03-31 ) 6528
Ernie notices that a rare coin in his collection is missing and accuses Chip of swiping it to pay for postage due. An impromptu trial is held with a jury of the children's friends, and Chip is acquitted. Ernie then finds the coin and realizes Chip was innocent all along.
21329"A Hunk of Hardware" TBA TBAApril 7, 1966 ( 1966-04-07 ) 6529
Ernie feels left out, when he realizes he has no trophies to add to the Douglas trophy shelf.
21430"The Wrong Robbie" TBA TBAApril 14, 1966 ( 1966-04-14 ) 6530
An unknown double nearly wrecks Robbie's reputation. Mike Minor (actor) provided the deep voice of Robbie's mischievous doppelgänger.
21531"The Wheels" TBA TBAApril 21, 1966 ( 1966-04-21 ) 6531
A girl (Sherry Jackson) driving Robbie's car gets a traffic ticket, causing Robbie to lose driving privileges until he pays Uncle Charley back the $16 for the fine. Robbie and the girl discover that dating without a car can be as equally fun as driving.
21632"London Memories" TBA TBAApril 28, 1966 ( 1966-04-28 ) 6532
Steve longs for a widow he met while in London, played by veteran actress Anna Lee.

Season 7 (1966–67) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
2171"Stag at Bay"James V. KernElroy SchwartzSeptember 15, 1966 ( 1966-09-15 ) 6601
Steven helps a dancer from a bachelor party (Leslie Parrish) who was evicted from her apartment and wants to return to her midwest hometown.
2182"Fly Away Home" TBA TBASeptember 22, 1966 ( 1966-09-22 ) 6602
Steve visits his hometown and his sister. He dines with his old girlfriend, her surly husband and sarcastic children in their messy house. Mike is referred to by name for the last time in the series.
2193"Forget Me Not"James V. KernJoseph HoffmanSeptember 29, 1966 ( 1966-09-29 ) 6603
Steve gets a letter from a woman he supposedly dated a long time ago who says she'll be in town and would like to get together. She appears to remember an awful lot about Steve including his likes and dislikes, and keeps calling him Stevie. On the other hand, try as he might, Steve does not remember her at all.
2204"Good Guys Finish Last" TBA TBAOctober 6, 1966 ( 1966-10-06 ) 6604
Steve's team fares poorly on a father-son quiz show.
2215"Arrivederci Robbie" TBA TBAOctober 13, 1966 ( 1966-10-13 ) 6605
Robbie dates an Italian girl and visits her home, where her parents try to push him into marriage.
2226"If at First" TBA TBAOctober 20, 1966 ( 1966-10-20 ) 6606
Steve flunks his driving test more than once. Yvonne Craig guests as a zealous meter maid.
2237"Robbie's Underground Movie" TBA TBANovember 3, 1966 ( 1966-11-03 ) 6607
Robbie makes an avant-garde movie of his home life, for a film class.
2248"Fiddler Under the Roof" TBA TBANovember 10, 1966 ( 1966-11-10 ) 6608
Uncle Charley tries to teach Ernie to play the violin but runs into a major obstacle: the boy's lack of talent.
2259"Happy Birthday, World" TBA TBANovember 17, 1966 ( 1966-11-17 ) 6609
Robbie starts a cake-baking business in his home.
22610"The Awkward Age" TBA TBADecember 1, 1966 ( 1966-12-01 ) 6610
Steve and Robbie both like and date the same woman (Susan Oliver) who is Robbie's tutor.
22711"A Real Nice Time" TBA TBADecember 8, 1966 ( 1966-12-08 ) 6611
Chip wins a date with a teen movie star, thanks to a request by Ernie. The perky actress comes to the Douglas's house with her manager, a camera crew and noisy group of fans, which a disinterested Chip finds annoying.
22812"A Falling Star" TBA TBADecember 15, 1966 ( 1966-12-15 ) 6612
Steve helps a faded singing star (Jaye P. Morgan).
22913"Tramp or Ernie" TBA TBADecember 22, 1966 ( 1966-12-22 ) 6613
The doctor says Ernie is allergic to Tramp. Ernie generously offers to move out, but Steve says they can compromise.
23014"Grandma's Girl" TBA TBADecember 29, 1966 ( 1966-12-29 ) 6614
Chip wants to take a girl from school to a party, but her old-fashioned grandma think she's too young to date. Chip and Uncle Charley visit the grandma but find that once they stir up her old memories, it's not going to be easy to get out of the house. Terry Burnham plays the girl, Gail McGee, the granddaughter and Chip's interest.
23115"You Saw a What?" TBA TBAJanuary 5, 1967 ( 1967-01-05 ) 6615
Ernie's excited reports of seeing a flying saucer are received with skepticism, but the next day he not only sees the weird vehicle again, but he snaps some pictures and is later told by the Air Force to keep quiet about it.
23216"Both Your Houses" TBA TBAJanuary 12, 1967 ( 1967-01-12 ) 6616
Robbie is delighted when college classmate Peggy moves in next door, and the pair immediately go to work on a joint assignment for their Shakespeare class. He plays Romeo to her Juliet when a feud between the two families seems imminent. Jackie DeShannon, Constance Moore and Elvia Allman play the neighbors in this episode.
23317"My Pal Dad" TBA TBAJanuary 19, 1967 ( 1967-01-19 ) 6617
Steve takes a reluctant and bored Robbie on their annual fishing trip, but young Ernie would much rather go instead.
23418"TV or Not TV" TBA TBAJanuary 26, 1967 ( 1967-01-26 ) 6618
Uncle Charley bans TV for one week while Steve is away. Robbie and a cynical girl create a college television show.
23519"My Dad, the Athlete" TBA TBAFebruary 2, 1967 ( 1967-02-02 ) 6619
Steve must run in a 3-mile cross-country race for fathers, who all feel they are out of shape.
23620"The Good Earth" TBA TBAFebruary 9, 1967 ( 1967-02-09 ) 6620
Uncle Charley buys a lot in a new real estate development that looks and sounds better on paper than in actuality.
23721"My Son, the Bullfighter" TBA TBAFebruary 16, 1967 ( 1967-02-16 ) 6621
Robbie has aspirations of becoming a bullfighter. He starts out by confronting a killer bull with no knowledge about the sport whatsoever. Then, after a few lessons, he tries out his skills on a farmer's pet bull, who is tame, completely harmless and disinterested.
23822"The Best Man" TBA TBAFebruary 23, 1967 ( 1967-02-23 ) 6622
Robbie must be best man at an old love's wedding.
23923"Now, in My Day" TBA TBAMarch 2, 1967 ( 1967-03-02 ) 6623
Chip dates two junior-high girls at once.
24024"Melinda" TBA TBAMarch 9, 1967 ( 1967-03-09 ) 6624
Chip as a courtesy pretends to like the 13-year old daughter of Steve's date, although the girl is "spooky" and wants to go steady with him right away.
24125"Charley O' the Seven Seas" TBA TBAMarch 16, 1967 ( 1967-03-16 ) 6625
Charley's seafaring tales enchant Ernie's teacher.
24226"Help, the Gypsies Are Coming!" TBA TBAMarch 23, 1967 ( 1967-03-23 ) 6626
A Gypsy tribe camps out on the Douglases' lawn.
24327"Ernie's Folly" TBA TBAMarch 30, 1967 ( 1967-03-30 ) 6627
Ernie lacks Steve's help on a science-fair project. He builds a clock by himself and unlike his schoolmates, he is able to explain how it works - only in his case, it doesn't work.
24428"Ernie's Crowd" TBA TBAApril 6, 1967 ( 1967-04-06 ) 6628
When Ernie tags along on their dates, the Douglas men have trouble telling him that he is not wanted and try to avoid him whenever they go out again.
24529"Ernie and the O'Grady" TBA TBAApril 13, 1967 ( 1967-04-13 ) 6629
When Ernie invites a vagabond that he befriended in the park to the house for dinner, Steve decides to not pass judgment and give Ernie the chance to realize that the guy is nothing more than a freeloader. Guest star Eddie Foy Jr.
24630"The Sky Is Falling" TBA TBAApril 20, 1967 ( 1967-04-20 ) 6630
Robbie does well as a part-time real estate agent.
24731"So Long Charley, Hello" TBA TBAApril 27, 1967 ( 1967-04-27 ) 6631
An old friend (James Gregory) tempts Charley with joining him on a long sea voyage.
24832"Weekend in Paradise" TBA TBAMay 11, 1967 ( 1967-05-11 ) 6632
A visit to Hawaii proves eventful for all.

Season 8 (1967–68) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
2491"Moving Day"Fred de Cordova TBASeptember 9, 1967 ( 1967-09-09 ) 6701
After Steve gets transferred in his job to California, the Douglas family sells their house in Bryant Park and heads for the West Coast. They soon realize that the people in California, including their neighbors, are as chilly as the weather is warm. Robbie develops feelings for Katie (Tina Cole), a girl at his new college. Note: My Three Sons moved from Thursdays to Saturdays on CBS.
2502"Robbie Loves Katie"Fred de Cordova TBASeptember 16, 1967 ( 1967-09-16 ) 6702
After Robbie decides he will tell Katie that he wants to stop exclusively seeing her, he ends up proposing marriage instead. He then enlists Steve's help to let her down easy.
2513"Inspection of the Groom"Fred de Cordova TBASeptember 23, 1967 ( 1967-09-23 ) 6703
As Robbie and Katie get ready for their upcoming wedding, Katie's family and friend are skeptical over whether Robbie is the right guy for Katie. Joan Tompkins makes her first of nine appearances as Katie's mother and Kathryn Givney the first of four appearances as Katie's grandmother.
2524"Countdown to Marriage"Fred de Cordova TBASeptember 30, 1967 ( 1967-09-30 ) 6704
Robbie and Katie are ready to call off their engagement after having a fight until Katie's grandmother intercedes, asking each if they love each other. Katie doesn't respond, but Robbie says he loves Katie. That's all Katie needs to hear. They reconcile and the wedding is back on. Meanwhile, Robbie's best man falls ill and Chip is recruited to take his place.
2535"Wedding Bells"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 7, 1967 ( 1967-10-07 ) 6705
The Douglas clan oversleeps on Robbie and Katie's wedding day and chaos reigns as they get ready. Tramp is missing but arrives at the church just in time for the ceremony, which goes off without a hitch. Later, a wistful Steve and Charley marvel at how fast Robbie has turned into a man.
2546"The Homecoming"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 14, 1967 ( 1967-10-14 ) 6706
Robbie and Katie return from their honeymoon and everything seems to go wrong for Katie as the Douglas clan adjusts to the fact that their all-male household is no longer all-male.
2557"My Wife, the Waitress"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 21, 1967 ( 1967-10-21 ) 6707
Robbie is distressed to discover that Katie is working as a nightclub cigarette girl.
2568"The Chameleon"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 28, 1967 ( 1967-10-28 ) 6708
The Douglas family has a problem persuading Ernie to accept a new friend when he learns she's a girl.
2579"Designing Woman"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 4, 1967 ( 1967-11-04 ) 6709
Katie recognizes Steve's new colleague (Oscar-winner Anne Baxter) as a designing woman long before the men in the family discover it. Steven finally introduces her to another eligible man.
25810"Ernie, the Bluebeard"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 11, 1967 ( 1967-11-11 ) 6710
Ernie, who doesn't even like girls, winds up with two dates for the same dance. A pre-Brady Bunch Maureen McCormick appears as one of the girls.
25911"The Heartbeat"Fred de CordovaBernard RothmanNovember 18, 1967 ( 1967-11-18 ) 6711
Katie, alone in the Douglas home, is frightened by what she thinks is the sound of a loud heartbeat.
26012"The Computer Picnic"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 25, 1967 ( 1967-11-25 ) 6712
Chip manages to outwit the machine age when a computer is used to select partners for a school picnic. Ed Begley Jr. makes his first screen appearance in a bit part as Chip's classmate.
26113"The Aunt Who Came to Dinner"Fred de CordovaWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderDecember 2, 1967 ( 1967-12-02 ) 6713
Katie's Aunt Cecile (Marsha Hunt (actress, born 1917)) is a guest in the Douglas household and in a few days rearranges their furniture -- and their lives.
26214"Leaving the Nest"Fred de CordovaPeggy ElliottDecember 9, 1967 ( 1967-12-09 ) 6714
When minor irritations arise in the Douglas household, Robbie and Katie move temporarily into a borrowed apartment while their friends are away. Their life is complicated by the absence of a coffee pot, a pull-down bed that won't go up, and the lack of a television set.
26315"You're Driving Me Crazy"Fred de Cordova TBADecember 16, 1967 ( 1967-12-16 ) 6715
Chip Douglas is so nervous about taking his driving test that his new sister-in-law Katie decides to help by taking the test with him. Soon after they both get their driving licenses the family car collects a big scratch, but neither will plead guilty.
26416"Liverpool Saga"Fred de CordovaFreddy RheaDecember 23, 1967 ( 1967-12-23 ) 6716
Chip invites a long-haired, guitar-playing boy from Liverpool (guest star Jeremy Clyde) to be a key addition to his off-key band.
26517"The Chaperones"Fred de CordovaPaul WestDecember 30, 1967 ( 1967-12-30 ) 6717
Robbie and Katie serve as chaperones for four high school couples, including Chip, on an overnight trip to a park cabin. Katie insists that Robbie follow and supervise as the couples separately go hiking outside and to a lake. In the evening the group plan to borrow Robbie's car to drive to a tavern, but Robbie purposely disables the car so it won't start.
26618"Green-Eyed Robbie"Fred de CordovaLois HireJanuary 6, 1968 ( 1968-01-06 ) 6718
Robbie displays a bit of jealousy when his bride innocently agrees to tutor a handsome ex-boyfriend (Charles Knox Robinson billed as Charles Robinson.)
26719"Charley's Tea"Fred de CordovaPaul WestJanuary 13, 1968 ( 1968-01-13 ) 6719
Katie tearfully complains when Uncle Charley makes her feel unnecessary in the Douglas household. Steve speaks to Charley who is flabbergasted at the accusation, but immediately makes amends. Meanwhile, Chip is on a five-man school committee four of the 'men' are girls and they won't let him open his mouth.
26820"Ernie, the Jinx"Fred de CordovaAustin Kalish & Irma KalishJanuary 20, 1968 ( 1968-01-20 ) 6720
Ernie becomes convinced he's a jinx when things inexplicably start to go wrong whenever he's around.
26921"Ernie and Zsa Zsa"Fred de Cordova TBAJanuary 27, 1968 ( 1968-01-27 ) 6721
Ernie meets Zsa Zsa Gabor after accidentally falling into her swimming pool. She befriends Ernie, but no one at home believes him until Zsa Zsa pays a surprise visit to the Douglas household.
27022"A Horse for Uncle Charley"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 3, 1968 ( 1968-02-03 ) 6722
Uncle Charley is talked into buying an 11-year-old trotting horse in the hopes of capturing old racing glories, and the family is delighted, but can the horse run fast enough to qualify to compete?
27123"Dear Enemy"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 10, 1968 ( 1968-02-10 ) 6723
Robbie goes to Camp Roberts for two weeks military reserve training. Of course, the family must also traipse through the same woods, and by happenstance or misadventure each member of the family is inadvertently caught as a military prisoner.
27224"Uncle Charley's Aunt"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 17, 1968 ( 1968-02-17 ) 6724
Uncle Charley performs in his lodge show and is forced to walk home dressed as the Lady for a Day character Apple Annie after he is locked out of the dressing room. Charley and his friends also perform as Florodora girls in the show, and the Douglas family perform Downtown (Petula Clark song) in their living room.
27325"The Standing Still Tour"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 24, 1968 ( 1968-02-24 ) 6725
Everyone in the Douglas family leaves for some romantic place -- leaving Ernie and Uncle Charley at home. Character actor Douglas Fowley appears as an old pal of Charley's, now acting in a TV western.
27426"Honorable Guest"Fred de CordovaAustin Kalish & Irma KalishMarch 2, 1968 ( 1968-03-02 ) 6726
The Douglases cancel a camping trip to play host to unexpected Chinese friends from Bryant Park.
27527"The Perfect Separation"Fred de CordovaJames BrooksMarch 9, 1968 ( 1968-03-09 ) 6727
The first time Katie and Robbie entertain at home, a game of truth-telling imperils the marriage of two close friends, played by Lynn Loring and Robert Dunlap.
27628"Gossip, Incorporated"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 16, 1968 ( 1968-03-16 ) 6728
When two Mrs. Douglases visit Steve at his new job, his gossipy employees suspect he's a bigamist. Familiar TV actors Abby Dalton, Shirley Mitchell, Marvin Kaplan, Jane Dulo, Marcia Mae Jones and Gail Fisher appear in this episode.
27729"The Masculine Mystique"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 23, 1968 ( 1968-03-23 ) 6729
A misunderstanding over a girl almost ruins the friendship between Ernie and his closest pal.
27830"The Tire Thief"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 30, 1968 ( 1968-03-30 ) 6730
Ernie and his friend cease to enjoy their 'cops and robbers' games when the real cops start searching for them.

Season 9 (1968–69) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
2791"The Great Pregnancy" TBA TBASeptember 28, 1968 ( 1968-09-28 ) 6801
Katie's mother senses that her daughter is expecting, and she's right.
2802"Dr. Osborne, M.D." TBA TBAOctober 5, 1968 ( 1968-10-05 ) 6802
Katie and Robbie must choose a doctor to see them through her pregnancy, and despite Robbie's initial skepticism they choose Katie's long-time family physician, played by venerable character actor Leon Ames in his first of four appearances as Dr. Osborne.
2813"Life Begins in Katie" TBA TBAOctober 12, 1968 ( 1968-10-12 ) 6803
The baby stirs inside Katie, and Robbie suddenly sheds his youthful ways. Butch Patrick makes his first of seven appearances as Ernie's best pal Gordon Dearing.
2824"The Grandfathers" TBA TBAOctober 19, 1968 ( 1968-10-19 ) 6804
Because he's about to become a grandfather, Steve has an easier time working out a contract with a general who is also a new grandfather himself. Arthur O'Connell and Herbert Anderson portray generals
2835"The Baby Nurse" TBA TBAOctober 26, 1968 ( 1968-10-26 ) 6805
Uncle Charley prepares himself as a baby nurse by hiring himself out as a baby sitter.
2846"Big Ol' Katie" TBA TBANovember 9, 1968 ( 1968-11-09 ) 6806
Expectant Katie is distressed by her hugeness until she learns she is to have more than one baby.
2857"My Three Grandsons" TBA TBANovember 16, 1968 ( 1968-11-16 ) 6807
In this touching episode, Katie surprises everyone by giving birth to identical triplet sons. At the end of the episode, the new mother asks her husband "What are you thinking?" and Robbie replies "I'm thinking about how much I love you. and my three sons," followed by big smiles and a tender kiss.
2868"Tea for Three" TBA TBANovember 23, 1968 ( 1968-11-23 ) 6808
The triplets come home from the hospital, but Robbie finds he is unprepared for the attention they are getting. Katie and Robbie name the boys Robert Jr., Steven and Charles.
2879"Back to Earth" TBA TBANovember 30, 1968 ( 1968-11-30 ) 6809
Robbie decides to quit school in order to work full time, but Steve and a school counselor discourage him.
28810"First Night Out" TBA TBADecember 7, 1968 ( 1968-12-07 ) 6810
All the other Douglases come home early from separate evening events, when a baby sitter (Rose Marie) and Ernie take care of the triplets for the first time and are too busy to answer the others' phone calls.
28911"Casanova O'Casey" TBA TBADecember 14, 1968 ( 1968-12-14 ) 6811
On the rebound after his girlfriend, Sally, suddenly marries another, Uncle Charley acquires many new lady friends.
29012"Expendable Katie" TBA TBADecember 21, 1968 ( 1968-12-21 ) 6812
When Katie is exhausted and goes away with her mother for a couple of days, the noise and chaos caused by Ernie and his friends overwhelm Uncle Charley, Robbie and the babies, so a three-woman cleaning crew is hired to restore the home to its usual state.
29113"The New Room" TBA TBADecember 28, 1968 ( 1968-12-28 ) 6813
A cantankerous contractor (Ed Begley) hired to enlarge Robbie and Katie's room ends up locking horns with everyone except Katie, who manages to charm him into completing the job according to her wishes.
29214"The Fountain of Youth" TBA TBAJanuary 4, 1969 ( 1969-01-04 ) 6814
Steve meets an attractive widow who seems very interested in him, but she suddenly turns cool toward him.
29315"Three's a Crowd" TBA TBAJanuary 11, 1969 ( 1969-01-11 ) 6815
The triplets get mixed up and must be taken back to the hospital -- twice! -- for proper identification.
29416"Chip and Debbie" TBA TBAJanuary 18, 1969 ( 1969-01-18 ) 6816
Chip surprises the Douglas family by becoming 'engaged' to pretty Debbie Hunter (Angela Cartwright).
29517"What Did You Do Today, Grandpa?" TBA TBAJanuary 25, 1969 ( 1969-01-25 ) 6817
Uncle Charley thinks Steve is stuck in a rut, but that day instead of the same old routine, Steve is selected by his company to carry out a top-secret assignment in which he encounters spies, undercover agents, and a New York City full of eccentric characters, including Anne Jeffreys and Mike Mazurki.
29618"Chip on Wheels" TBA TBAFebruary 1, 1969 ( 1969-02-01 ) 6818
Steve gives Chip a well-preserved secondhand car for his birthday.
29719"Honorable Expectant Grandfather" TBA TBAFebruary 8, 1969 ( 1969-02-08 ) 6819
A Chinese-American friend of Steve's is concerned about the man his daughter has married.
29820"The Other Woman" TBA TBAFebruary 15, 1969 ( 1969-02-15 ) 6820
Chip and Ernie observe their married older brother, Robbie, in the company of a glamorous other woman.
29921"Goodbye Forever" TBA TBAFebruary 22, 1969 ( 1969-02-22 ) 6821
Ernie goes through a trying period when he learns that his best friend is moving away.
30022"The O'Casey Scandal" TBA TBAMarch 1, 1969 ( 1969-03-01 ) 6822
Ernie and his girlfriend are dismayed when Uncle Charley and her grandmother don't act like old folks.
30123"Ernie's Pen Pal" TBA TBAMarch 8, 1969 ( 1969-03-08 ) 6823
Ernie's Latin American pen pal astonishes him by showing up in person at the Douglas home.
30224"Ernie the Transmitter" TBA TBAMarch 15, 1969 ( 1969-03-15 ) 6824
Ernie, convinced he has ESP, predicts disaster if Robbie and Katie keep a doctor's appointment.
30325"The Matchmakers" TBA TBAMarch 22, 1969 ( 1969-03-22 ) 6825
Steve and his business partner face a problem when their children develop an immediate dislike for each other.
30426"Ernie Is Smitten" TBA TBAMarch 29, 1969 ( 1969-03-29 ) 6826
Ernie attempts to remake his image when Margaret Crookshank refuses to give him a second look.
30527"Two O'Clock Feeding" TBA TBAApril 5, 1969 ( 1969-04-05 ) 6827
Steve is cast in the role of marriage counselor by a young couple who turn to him for help.
30628"Teacher's Pet" TBA TBAApril 19, 1969 ( 1969-04-19 ) 6828
Ernie's writing ability lands him in an advanced special English class with a strict but efficient teacher, played by guest star Sylvia Sidney.

Season 10 (1969–70) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
3071"The First Meeting"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 4, 1969 ( 1969-10-04 ) 6901
Widower Steve meets a remarkable woman in a high-school corridor, and the two are quickly attracted to each other. Also, Robbie and Katie and their three sons move out of the Douglas home and into their own apartment. Beverly Garland's first appearance as Barbara Harper.
3082"Instant Co-Worker"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 11, 1969 ( 1969-10-11 ) 6902
Steve's romance with Barbara flowers and Robbie is offered a job as a structural engineer at his father's firm. He tries to talk it over with Steve, because he wants to avoid the appearance of nepotism. Dawn Lyn is introduced as Barbara's daughter Dodie, and familiar character actress Eleanor Audley is cast as Barbara's mother.
3093"Is It Love?"Fred de CordovaGeorge TibblesOctober 18, 1969 ( 1969-10-18 ) 6903
The whole Douglas clan -- and Barbara's mother -- conspire to encourage Steve and Barbara's romance. The episode ends with their first kiss.
3104"A Ring for Barbara"Fred de Cordova TBAOctober 25, 1969 ( 1969-10-25 ) 6904
Steve pops the question to Barbara under circumstances far from ideal.
3115"The Littlest Rebel"Fred de CordovaGeorge TibblesNovember 1, 1969 ( 1969-11-01 ) 6905
Barbara employs her considerable store of diplomacy in an effort to gain acceptance from Steve's all-male family.
3126"Two Weeks to Go"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 8, 1969 ( 1969-11-08 ) 6906
Steve and Barbara discover they have been thinking in opposite terms as to how their wedding should be held.
3137"One Week to Go"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 15, 1969 ( 1969-11-15 ) 6907
Steve and Barbara have an argument serious enough for them to consider canceling their wedding.
3148"Came the Day"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 22, 1969 ( 1969-11-22 ) 6908
It's Steve and Barbara's wedding day. Not wanting a repeat of what happened before Rob's wedding, the Douglas clan awakes very early and gets dressed, then everyone goes back to sleep. Tramp runs off again and arrives at the wedding as before.
3159"Mexican Honeymoon"Fred de Cordova TBANovember 29, 1969 ( 1969-11-29 ) 6909
Steve and Barbara arrive in a quaint village in Mexico which Steve had previously visited on a fishing trip. They expect to find the same quiet place Steve remembers and have the place virtually to themselves. They are surprised to find the village has been "put on the map" by a travel magazine and the obscure little hotel, whose name has changed from Moon Hotel to Honeymoon Hotel, is filled to capacity with young newlyweds. The Douglases are continually put upon by the young couples around them for help with everything from homesickness, to settling quarrels to ordering food. Finally, the arrival of a bottle of Champagne from the family back in California, tips off the hotel guests to the fact that Steve and Barbara are themselves newlyweds. They give them the restaurant to themselves that evening and the romantic honeymoon they anticipated finally begins.
31610"After You, Alphonse"Fred de CordovaLois HireDecember 13, 1969 ( 1969-12-13 ) 6910
Katie asks Robbie to speak to Uncle Charley on his manners, and the result nearly drives Barbara out of her mind -- Charley is now being maddeningly polite with his "Sir Walter Raleigh" routine.
31711"Rough on Dodie"Fred de Cordova TBADecember 20, 1969 ( 1969-12-20 ) 6911
Little Dodie discovers that being a member of the Douglas family can be a rough-and-tumble proposition.
31812"Silver Threads"Fred de CordovaDouglas TibblesDecember 27, 1969 ( 1969-12-27 ) 6912
Katie panics when she detects a few gray hairs in her youthful head, and a family crisis is not far away.
31913"It's a Woman's World"Fred de Cordova TBAJanuary 3, 1970 ( 1970-01-03 ) 6913
Steve gets cast as a tree in Dodie's school play.
32014"Table for Eight"Fred de CordovaBob TouchstoneJanuary 10, 1970 ( 1970-01-10 ) 6914
Barbara faces a fiasco when she prepares her first dinner party for Steve's business associates.
32115"Double Jealousy"Fred de Cordova TBAJanuary 17, 1970 ( 1970-01-17 ) 6915
An attentive, attractive but highly efficient secretary (Brenda Benet) causes jealousy among the Douglas women, and quite a different reaction among the Douglas men.
32216"Dodie's Tonsils"Fred de Cordova TBAJanuary 24, 1970 ( 1970-01-24 ) 6916
Little Dodie goes to the hospital for a tonsillectomy and Steve stays the night with her. Meanwhile, Robbie and Katie go on a Mexican getaway without the triplets.
32317"Who Is Sylvia?"Fred de Cordova TBAJanuary 31, 1970 ( 1970-01-31 ) 6917
Steve's old girlfriend (guest star Jane Wyman), now a rich divorcee, comes to town and gives Barbara (and Katie) a few jealous moments.
32418"You Can't Go Home"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 7, 1970 ( 1970-02-07 ) 6918
Rob gets invited to an old friend's wedding back in Bryant Park and takes Katie with him, hoping to introduce her to other people he knew as well. Much to his surprise, virtually no one else remembers him.
32519"Guest in the House"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 14, 1970 ( 1970-02-14 ) 6919
Barbara finally loses the feeling that she is a guest in her own home when she needs to confront one of Chip's teachers, resulting in a new closeness between her and Chip and Ernie, who call her "mom" for the first time.
32620"Charley's Cello"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 21, 1970 ( 1970-02-21 ) 6920
Barbara thinks Uncle Charley is lonely playing his cello, so she invites three female musicians to join him.
32721"The Honeymoon Is Over"Fred de Cordova TBAFebruary 28, 1970 ( 1970-02-28 ) 6921
A special project at the plant keeps Steve and Robbie so busy and exhausted every night that their wives decide to pay them a surprise visit, only to find a seemingly wild party under way.
32822"Baubles, Bangles and Beatrice"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 7, 1970 ( 1970-03-07 ) 6922
Ernie becomes the unwilling object of the affection of Dodie's 6-year-old friend Beatrice, and Barbara is called in to work as Chip's substitute history teacher.
32923"Mister X"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 14, 1970 ( 1970-03-14 ) 6923
A bearded man of mystery confounds the Douglas family and authorities alike. The man turns out to be Barbara's former father-in-law. Veteran actor Lew Ayres guest stars.
33024"Dodie's Dilemma"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 21, 1970 ( 1970-03-21 ) 6924
Steve formally adopts Dodie, who enlists the aid of Chip and Ernie after being harassed in school by a mean-spirited girl. Erin Moran, who would become famous as Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days, guest stars.
33125"Love Thy Neighbor"Fred de Cordova TBAMarch 28, 1970 ( 1970-03-28 ) 6925
Rob and Katie hit it off right away with their new neighbors, but tensions soon develop. Jerry Mathers and Lori Martin guest star.
33226"J.P. Douglas"Fred de Cordova TBAApril 4, 1970 ( 1970-04-04 ) 6926
Chip decides to become rich early in life by instituting a breakneck schedule of earning money.

Season 11 (1970–71) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
3331"The First Anniversary"September 19, 1970 ( 1970-09-19 ) 7001
Dodie throws a "surprise" party for Steve and Barbara on their first wedding anniversary. Ronne Troup joins the cast as Chip's girlfriend Polly, and Doris Singleton and Norman Alden appear as her strict parents.
3342"The Once Over"September 26, 1970 ( 1970-09-26 ) 7002
Chip is badly shaken when his girlfriend Polly suggests they elope.
3353"The Return of Albert"October 3, 1970 ( 1970-10-03 ) 7003
Barbara's handsome college boyfriend visits the Douglases for dinner, and he also goes golfing with Steve, who is affable at first but ultimately admits to a little jealousy. "Welcome to the human race" Barbara tells Steve with a smile as they snuggle up together. Craig Stevens (actor) guest stars.
3364"The Non-Proposal"October 10, 1970 ( 1970-10-10 ) 7004
Chip is amazed when he learns that Polly thinks she has become engaged to him.
3375"Polly Wants A Douglas"October 17, 1970 ( 1970-10-17 ) 7005
Chip and Polly have a spat when Chip turns down her offer to elope.
3386"The Cat Burglars"October 31, 1970 ( 1970-10-31 ) 7006
Dressed for a costume party, Steve goes for gas when his car stalls.
3397"The Elopement"November 7, 1970 ( 1970-11-07 ) 7007
Chip and Polly agree to elope -- and also agree to ask their parents' permission first.
3408"The Honeymoon"November 14, 1970 ( 1970-11-14 ) 7008
Newlyweds Chip and Polly drive to Mexico for their honeymoon at the same hotel Steve and Barbara stayed on their honeymoon a year earlier. Veronica Cartwright has a small part as a guest at the hotel.
3419"One By One They Go"November 21, 1970 ( 1970-11-21 ) 7009
Bridegroom Chip faces a father-in-law who refuses to speak to his newly married daughter.
34210"My Four Women"November 28, 1970 ( 1970-11-28 ) 7010
Steve reluctantly agrees to be a model for his wife's fashion show, then refuses at the last minute when he discovers he has to walk the runway in a frilly shirt.
34311"The Bride Went Home"December 5, 1970 ( 1970-12-05 ) 7011
Chip becomes ill after eating Polly's cooking, and she believes it would be better if he left her.
34412"The Power of Suggestion"December 12, 1970 ( 1970-12-12 ) 7012
Ernie uses the members of the Douglas household as guinea pigs for his psychology assignment.
34513"St. Louis Blues"December 19, 1970 ( 1970-12-19 ) 7013
Rob and Katie have a month without the triplets as an anniversary present from Katie's mother in St. Louis. Joan Tompkins' final appearance as Katie's mom Lorraine.
34614"The Liberty Bell"January 2, 1971 ( 1971-01-02 ) 7014
Free-spirited childhood friend Jim Bell (Sal Mineo) piques Rob's interest in a motorcycle trip to the Colorado River.
34715"The Love God"January 9, 1971 ( 1971-01-09 ) 7015
Dodie falls for her second-grade teacher, played by Peter Brown (actor). A young Jodie Foster and Victoria Paige Meyerink appear as two of Dodie's classmates.
34816"The New Vice-President"January 16, 1971 ( 1971-01-16 ) 7016
Steve is up for a promotion, but Charley's colorful past may be an impediment.
34917"Robbie's Honey"January 23, 1971 ( 1971-01-23 ) 7017
Due to a series of innocent misunderstandings and unspoken accusations, Robbie is suspected of unfaithfulness.
35018"Ernie Drives"January 30, 1971 ( 1971-01-30 ) 7018
Ernie and his friend Yo-Ho (Butch Patrick) are excited about getting their driving licenses in time for a big school dance, but things don't go according to plan.
35119"Dodie Goes Downtown"February 6, 1971 ( 1971-02-06 ) 7019
Ernie is watching Dodie and her friend, and gives them permission to go to the local store, but they decide to take a bus downtown and do some shopping, getting lost in the process.
35220"The Recital"February 20, 1971 ( 1971-02-20 ) 7020
Dodie and her musical trio rehearse at the Douglas' but their off-key playing drives everyone to distraction. Jodie Foster appears (barely) as a member of Dodie's group.
35321"Debbie"February 27, 1971 ( 1971-02-27 ) 7021
A beauty (Brooke Bundy) gets the Douglas men to fix her car and Ernie takes a liking to her. The Douglas women see right away that she is manipulative and is merely taking advantage of them.
35422"Fit the Crime"March 6, 1971 ( 1971-03-06 ) 7022
Ernie and Dodie are confined to their rooms.
35523"The Return of Terrible Tom"March 13, 1971 ( 1971-03-13 ) 7023
Charley is disappointed when it seems his old shipmate (Arthur Hunnicutt) has changed.
35624"After the Honeymoon"March 20, 1971 ( 1971-03-20 ) 7024
When Robbie is laid off at the plant, he lands a new job in San Francisco. Pat Carroll and Richard X. Slattery appear as the new landlords, and Mike Minor (actor) plays a neighbor. Note: this was intended to be a pilot for a spin off series that CBS passed on.

Season 12 (1971–72) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
3571"The Advent of Fergus"September 13, 1971 ( 1971-09-13 ) 7101
Steve's irritating cousin Fergus McBain Douglas, who looks just like him, arrives from Scotland in search of a wife to take back with him. Fergus is played by MacMurray, with an uncredited Alan Caillou dubbing his Scottish burr.
3582"Fergus for Sale"September 20, 1971 ( 1971-09-20 ) 7102
Charley and Fergus feud but come to an understanding. Anne Francis makes the first of three appearances as Terri Dowling, a possible bride for cousin Fergus.
3593"Lady Douglas"September 27, 1971 ( 1971-09-27 ) 7103
Steve has his suspicions about Terri's potential as the future Lady Douglas.
3604"Goodbye Fergus"October 4, 1971 ( 1971-10-04 ) 7104
Fergus and Terri tie the knot in a lovely ceremony in the Douglas living room.
3615"Four for the Road"October 18, 1971 ( 1971-10-18 ) 7105
The triplets sneak away from a baby sitter.
3626"Polly the Pigeon"October 25, 1971 ( 1971-10-25 ) 7106
A door-to-door salesman (David Ketchum (actor)) works his charm on Polly.
3637"Happy Birthday, Anyway"November 1, 1971 ( 1971-11-01 ) 7107
Three birthday flaps disrupt the Douglas household: Barbara, Katie and Polly all have birthday issues with their husbands.
3648"Proxy Parents"November 8, 1971 ( 1971-11-08 ) 7108
Chip and Polly become parents for a weekend.
3659"The Enthusiast"November 15, 1971 ( 1971-11-15 ) 7109
Barbara worries that her competitive enthusiasm embarrasses Steve.
36610"Katie's Career"November 22, 1971 ( 1971-11-22 ) 7110
Katie gets a job as a coffeehouse singer. Anthony Caruso (actor) plays the owner.
36711"Polly's Secret Life"November 29, 1971 ( 1971-11-29 ) 7111
Polly tries to regain Chip's interest.
36812"The Sound of Music"December 6, 1971 ( 1971-12-06 ) 7112
Uncle Charley fills in as a cello instructor.
36913"TV Triplets"January 13, 1972 ( 1972-01-13 ) 7113
The triplets are chosen to be in a TV commercial. Bob Hastings and Michael Dante appear as the talent scout and director, respectively. This was the last episode filmed. Note: My Three Sons returned from Mondays to Thursdays on CBS.
37014"Three for School"January 20, 1972 ( 1972-01-20 ) 7114
Katie takes a temporary secretarial job, and Charley fumes when Katie puts the triplets in pre-school. Carolyn Stellar, Dawn Lyn's real-life mother, appears as Katie's co-worker.
37115"Alfred"January 27, 1972 ( 1972-01-27 ) 7115
A little first grader named Alfred develops a big crush on third grader Dodie Douglas -- much to her displeasure. When Uncle Charley invites him to dinner, Dodie tries to fake illness to get out of it. Very soon Alfred's mother reports that he is missing.
37216"Buttons and Beaux"February 3, 1972 ( 1972-02-03 ) 7116
When the Douglas men (and Dodie) feel sorry for Katie because of Robbie's continued absence, they shower her with attention by each one taking her out to the same restaurant four nights in a row.
37317"Peanuts"February 17, 1972 ( 1972-02-17 ) 7117
Dodie commits the entire Douglas family to a time consuming project - the awesome task of getting a four foot tall bag of peanuts into small little sacks which they hope to sell at the school fair to raise money for Korean orphans.
37418"Bad Day for Steve"February 24, 1972 ( 1972-02-24 ) 7118
Steve suddenly becomes accident-prone when his youngest son Ernie tries to discover by graph and observation how the moon's lunar phases affect people's behavior.
37519"Second Banana"March 2, 1972 ( 1972-03-02 ) 7119
While Steve becomes preoccupied with a time-consuming work project, Barbara blossoms forth as a championship cook: her recipe for "Tangy Tidbits" wins her a trip to Hawaii for the final cook-off.
37620"Bad Day for Barbara"March 16, 1972 ( 1972-03-16 ) 7120
Although Barbara is feeling very ill, she is saddled with the responsibility of looking after the entire Douglas household but in the end, to escape the pressure, she just walks out and leaves Steve and the family in a worried state.
37721"The Birth of Arfie"March 23, 1972 ( 1972-03-23 ) 7121
The Douglas family becomes concerned about Dodie's despondency when Tramp, the aging family mongrel, disappears for several days, so Barbara takes her to a child psychologist and Uncle Charley makes her a doggy rag-doll and names it Arfie.
37822"Lonesome Katie"March 30, 1972 ( 1972-03-30 ) 7122
Katie becomes disillusioned about life without Robbie, and seriously thinks about divorce after speaking with another of the wives (Elaine Giftos) in the same situation. Meanwhile, Dodie and her two pals campaign to Barbara to let them have a slumber party.
37923"Barbara Lost"April 6, 1972 ( 1972-04-06 ) 7123
John Simpson, an old friend of Chip's who's now a big rock star, pays a visit. Soon Chip tells the family that he's decided to give up his studies and become a rock star, too. The family is extremely concerned--until John mentions that he makes $2 million a year. Guest star: Micky Dolenz of The Monkees.
38024"Whatever Happened To Ernie?"April 13, 1972 ( 1972-04-13 ) 7124
Steve's boss and his wife count on the Douglas family to help them deal with their rebellious teen-aged son, Gordon (one of Ernie's classmates) after they suspect that the boy has fallen into drug use.

Special (1977) Edit

TitleOriginal air date
"A Thanksgiving Reunion with My Three Sons and The Partridge Family"November 25, 1977 ( 1977-11-25 )

At present, the following DVD sets have been released by Paramount Home Video. [3]

Agricultural items

Any pests or diseases that come in with your items could cause serious damage to New Zealand&rsquos environment and economy.

You must declare any items that could be risky (Ministry for Primary Industries) on your passenger arrival card.

  • food
  • fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, honey, ingredients used in cooking, and all dairy products
  • alive or dead plants and seeds
  • wooden items
  • alive or dead animals
  • alive or dead animal products
  • traditional/herbal medicines
  • any shoes, sports or outdoor equipment you&rsquove used.

If you don&rsquot declare these items, MPI might:

Once MPI officers have inspected your items, they may return them to you. In some cases, they will need to treat your items first &ndash you will have to pay for this service.

No Party Like a Donner Party

We're out of food. Now what? That guy in the bucket hat is looking pretty tasty. Why don't we Just Eat Gilligan - literally?

This trope is the ugly side of exploration. The characters are out of food, and resort to cannibalism not because they like it, but because they have no other choice. It's that or starve to death.

Named for the famous example of the Donner Party, who ate the bodies of their comrades who had died of hunger in order to survive the harsh winter of 1846-47.

Note that in a real life survival situation this isn't all that helpful. The meat of a starving human, by definition, does not contain the necessary nutrients to support a starving human. (See fat starvation.)

Compare Eat the Dog, Reduced to Ratburgers, Too Desperate to Be Picky, and Cold Equation. Contrast I'm a Humanitarian, where the character eats their fellow human out of enjoyment. When animals or monsters eat their own kind, thus demonstrating they're ravenous and/or vicious, that's Monstrous Cannibalism.

After Riots at the Capitol, Busload of Vermont Trump Supporters Returns From D.C.

President Donald Trump’s most loyal Vermont supporters had advanced on Washington, D.C., Wednesday with high hopes and mulish conviction. They returned home early Thursday morning in much less of a celebratory mood.

A charter bus ferrying 50 or so Vermonters from the nation's capital pulled into a pitch-black parking lot in South Burlington after 3 a.m., just as Congress finished certifying results that confirmed Joe Biden as the next president. The foot soldiers in Trump’s campaign to overturn the election looked weary as they filed, one-by-one, into the cold, windy night.

They quietly retrieved their bags from luggage compartments, taking care not to grab someone else's "Trump 2020" flag, then offered brief goodbyes to their compatriots. None wore masks.

One man grimaced at a WPTZ-TV crew that had pointed a light and video camera at the returning travelers.

“Is that necessary?” he asked.

“We’re just trying to get some video,” the reporter replied.

The crusaders had failed in their quest to "stop the steal," but only after their movement devolved into one of the more ignominious scenes in modern American history. Pro-Trump extremists overran the U.S. Capitol, scaling the walls, bashing windows and looting its halls. Makeshift barricades inside congressional chambers fell to the fevered mob, and U.S. senators and representatives ran for safety. Police shot one woman dead.

Related 'This Was Not a Drill': Welch Recounts Chaos as Trump Supporters Stormed U.S. Capitol

“We’re going into the belly of the beast,” one of the Vermont contingent’s leaders, Ellie Martin of Underhill, had said gleefully on the drive to D.C., according to a video posted online. “We’re going to clean that place out.”

But co-organizer Ron Lawrence, chair of the Essex Republicans, said no one on the bus was “directly involved” in any violent insurrection. Some of the riders did march to the Capitol — at least two boasting T-shirts that read "Biden Sucks, Harris Swallows," and "Trump Those Bitches," according to video footage — but as far as Lawrence knew, none had entered the building. The event, he said in brief remarks outside the bus, had been “wonderful,” “respectful,” and “cordial."

Related Vermont Gov. Phil Scott Calls for Trump to 'Resign or Be Removed From Office'

That wasn't the impression other Vermont Republicans had, including Gov. Phil Scott, who called for President Trump to "resign or be removed from office" for inciting the melee. Other state GOP leaders distanced themselves and their party from the bus trip when asked about it during interviews with Seven Days on Wednesday.

The bus departed D.C. for Vermont between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Lawrence said, as some Trump extremists continued their siege of the Capitol.

Lawrence, during an interview outside the bus, parroted a conspiracy theory floating around right-wing media that places the blame for the day’s “shenanigans” on left-wing activists. “The actual storming of the Capitol, my understanding, was actually Antifa,” he said.

He explained that he was “pretty sure” about the claim because some other travelers on the bus had compared photos of the Capitol occupiers with photos from “Antifa websites.”

“The president asked people to go to the Capitol to make a showing, and I think that was a positive thing,” Lawrence reasoned. “It was usurped. Some people made a good thing bad.”

He offered to speak at further length once he got some sleep. It had been a long day, Lawrence said, and he was having trouble finding the right words.

Watch the video: ΤΡΕΛΗ ΕΙΔΗΣΗ! Οι επιβάτες που μετακινούνται με πλοίο.. (August 2022).